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Mt. Timbak - Scaling the third-highest Peak in Luzon

Scaling Mount Timbak was really such a great experience! Meeting with new folks, be inspired by the locals, sharing insights and laughing over silly jokes with the Conqueror Outdoor Club it was indeed a meaningful and fun experience that I will treasure forever.

Cagbalete Island Experience - Php 1,200 Cheapest Budget Ever!

Glad our CAGBALETE ISLAND Trip was a success. Thanks to Ms. Tess of Villa Cleofas who answered all of my inquiries and to Josiah Sicad of Lakas Trip. I'm glad that I stumbled upon his blog for this made our journey possible in the cheapest way.

Calaguas Island - Beach Bum's Paradise

What I love in Calaguas Island is its shimmering grains of powder-white sand and its awesome turquoise waters. No doubt, these make me want to go back again!

Dare to Climb a Mountain?

We face a lot of challenges everyday of our lives. Some are easy to handle while some may seem too much for us to take. And as I gradually became fond of climbing lately I realized that Life is.. Life is also a mountain to climb!

From Religiosity to Relationship

I was very sincere in seeking God. But I also saw the reality that my religiosity in church did not carry over to my life at home. I got angry at my nieces and pinched them whenever they touched my things, gave my mom, my ate, a weeks/ or month of silent treatment in rebellion to their strictness, spent hours devouring novels and giving way to my imaginations. I was selfish and self-centered.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to incorporate "Add to circles" widget to your Blogspot

Here's an easy way to create "Add to circles" widget in your Blogspot or blogger account.

  1. Go to Google Plus widget. >> Here
  2. Click the Get Widget Button.
  3.  Customize the look of your widget using the tabs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bus falls off Sucat Skyway - driver dead

A Dimple Star Transit Bus, route Lawton to Alabang accidentally banged into a concrete post of the Skyway near West Service road in Sucat causing the bus to fall down from the South Luzon Expressway Skyway this morning. The driver was declared dead this afternoon. While six others were injured.

Some of the passengers have been rushed to Parañaque Medical Hospital.According to the bus conductor's account, who were reportedly sustained minor injuries, they were driving at 70kph when suddenly a wind blew hard causing their vehicle to lose control and to fall 40 feet from the Skyway ramp.

In an earlier interview, Ed Nepomuceno, spokesperson of the Skyway Corp., said they are still trying to investigate what caused the bus to steer out of control. Nepomuceno quoted that it is possible that slippery road caused by the strong rain made the bus turn to the side and fall off the elevated highway though they are also looking into possibilities that the bus was going over the speed limit for buses, which is 80 kilometers per hour (kph).

Monday, July 25, 2011

These little things are Huge! ^^

Just as our bodies grow as we get older so do our feelings. Some things, situations makes us a tougher one and some even longs for power and achievement that we've missed the feeling of those little things that put joy on our face. I've listed down some small lil' things that leave me a happy feeling, maybe for some these are somewhat shallow, but in my world ,these little things are huge. :)

  1. Morning dew on my mom plants. (in metro, this are somewhat rare)
  2. Hearing the rain on my roof at night. (somehow creepy yet romantic ^^)
  3. Reading old letters, greeting cards. (reading those cheesy, mushy things all over again)
  4. Licking dirty ice cream.
  5. Finding coins on my father's pocket. ^^
  6. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands. (SUPERB!)
  7. My dog who play and cuddles with me. Rubbing his tummy while he lays on his back. But what i luv most is when this poor dog gets irritated and started barking at me. =))
  8. Entering a fresh clean room (coz i often clean my room, mom does!)
  9. New clothes personally pick by mom from a Tiangge.
  10. Teasing my adorable little niece & nephew. When they scream and cry, it makes me feel proud. lolz. Yep! bad guy here! :p
  11. A good cup of hot choco latte when it rains hard.
  12. Seeing a rainbow :)
  13. Feel the yule tide breeze
  14. seeing a butterfly...
  15. Reuniting with old friends and realizing some things never change.
  16. dancing 'hotdog song' with my little nephew ^^
  17. seeing a lil' kid wanders, and asks an innocent question

How about you, what makes YOU smile? In the midst of our busy lives, it's good to pause, breath and reflect -  realize those so called lil' joy of life. CHEERS!

post-script: photo was taken at our slumber party.

How to Change the default Blogger Icon with your Own?

Changing the Favicon in your blog's URL is one way to customize your site. This make your blog site more personalized.  Favicon is a small icon/ or symbol located at the left of your Blogger site's Web address. The default image of the favicon is the orange Blogger B symbol. You can change the favicon of your site whenever you like. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Create/ or select an icon of your own. It could be your very own logo. Make sure that the image is sized at 16 x 16 pixels.
  2. Now log in to your Blogger control panel, go to the layout panel of the blog you want to customize. Go to the 'Design Tab', Select ‘Edit HTML’.
  3. Look for the code: <link href=’FaviconURL’ rel=’shortcut icon’ type='image/vnd.microsoft.icon'/> This should be available on your editor. (select ‘Ctrl + F’ and search for 'favicon' to find it easily)
  4. Once you’ve found it, replace this portion href=’FaviconURL with the link that you copy from the free hosting site.  
sample: <link href='http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/5516/newfavicon.png' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/vnd.microsoft.icon'/>

Click "Save Template. Your new favicon should now appear in your URL window, at the top left corner of your browser.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make Your Own Atis Leaves Candle

Making Atis Leaves candles is easy. Follow this steps and make your own candles at home in less than 10 minutes:

Materials Needed:

  • Wax. Any form of all-purpose wax will do.
  • Atis Leaves Extract. You will need Atis Leaves Extract for the candle to be effective against mosquitoes.
  • Mold. This is the container which you will be pouring the hot wax into. The container shape/designs is your choice.
  • Container for Melting Wax. Nothing specific, a saucepan filled with water or a coffee tin will do.
  • Wick. Your candle will not work without a wick. You can purchase wicks at any craft store or you can choose to do it yourself by dipping a string or cord into hot wax.
  • Releaser. Any form of cooking oil or silicone spray will do, as long as it does not have a petroleum base as it may release toxic fumes while burning.
  • Wooden Spoon/Stick. This will be used for stirring the wax.
  • Wick Cutter. A knife or a pair of scissors will do.


  1. Make the Wick: Soak a piece of heavy string or cord into wax and set to dry on a sheet of wax paper. You can also buy candle wicks instead of making them.
  2. Heat the Wax: Heat your container to approximately 140 degrees and place unmelted wax into it.
  3. Add Atis Leaves Extracts: As the wax is melting add 2-4 drops of the abstract of Atis leaves.
  4. As the wax is melting spray your releaser into your mold.
  5. Stir the melting wax softly with your wooden spoon.
  6. Pour the wax into the mold and remember not to fill it to the top. Leave about one inch at the top of the mold.
  7. Place the wicks into the melting wax. Hold wick in place either using your hand or tie it to a pencil in order to ensure the wick stays upright and does not fall over.
  8. Set to dry.
You're done! Making Atis Leaves candles is as easy as pie. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making Time For Success

At the back of my mind, success for me is lots of something in many areas of life - but then I realized how can i possibly have time for it all?  Work, family, friends, social life, adventures, church, health, lovelife... RAWR! 24 hours in a day seems not enough!

A wise saying that “Hardwork is the key to success”. Spending too much time at work and other sidelines will surely get me on my way to the good life.”  Well perhaps.  But it may come at the cost of foregone memories and lost ties with friends and family.  In my mind, success is having plenty in many areas of life – but how can we possibly have time for it all?  Work, family, health, social life, lovelife ^^, adventures... >faint<

As I get older I've realized that I'll need to be a good manager of my own time, otherwise I'll never fit all that success I want to have in one day.  In other words, one needs to be effective with their time in order to maximize their life output.  Busy-ness is all too often not accompanied by effectiveness.  We often fill our days with unimportant or low priority tasks not realizing that our time could in fact be put to better use.

What is it about Oprah or Lucio Tan that make them so special -- they have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else?  Simply because they know how to set priorities in their lives and pursue them tenaciously.  They're seems also very good at delegating and/or systematizing the lower level tasks that compete for their time.

Removing all the white noise in the day, especially in the information age we live in, can be particularly challenging.  Emails coming in every minute, cell phones ringing, new flashy websites to look at, tweets to send, encouraging blogs to read,  new comments on fb – these things can take up a good chunk of a day. Isn't it?  But those who successfully learn to focus on what they do best (I agreed to you, it's hard!) – whatever that might be, and limit, delegate the lower priority time consumers, are the ones that enjoy the most progress in life with the least amount time output.

Isn’t that something to strive for?  Well, I guess. Let's try to accomplish more in our working life in less time, so we can spend more time with our family, go climbing with friends, spend time with special someone yet still finds time to expand oneself.

That's what I call success. : ) cheers!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Abstract Of Atis Leaves - Anti-Dengue Solution

Atis is one of my fave fruit. It is very refreshing and may be eaten raw or made into an excellent ice cream. Atis is considered as among the country’s important crops given its various uses not only for food but more for natural medicines. Aside from bearing fruits of white, sweet, soft, and juicy, also yields leaves where government health researchers found extracts for the formulation of an effective anti-mosquito repellant. As a result of its latest studies on atis, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) said it has came out with the Atis Lotion Mosquito Repellent that was formulated using the extracts of its leaves mixed with other locally available materials.
“This mosquito repellent will surely be a great help to the efforts of the government to address the dengue fever-menace currently spreading terror among residents especially school-age children in various parts of the country,” Tomas Briñas, the regional director for Bicol of the DOST announced.
It is not only against dengue, but against all mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and filariasis especially in areas of the country where incidence is high. It also serves as a personal care product used in preventing mosquito bites that cause itchiness, inflammation and discomfort to individuals, he said. The repellent uses a washable, mineral oil – based formulation and its biodegrable since, it is derived from advantage against other well known repellents which are chemical based in formulation.

The Atis Lotion is composed of 10.125 percent mineral oil, 1.02 percent Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, nine percent Propylene Glycol, 0.22 percent Methyl Paraben, 0.135 percent Propyl Paraben, 70 percent water and 10 percent plant extract, Briñas said. The leaves, bark and seeds contain alkaloid and chloroplatinate, a group of nitrogen-containing compounds that are physiologically active as poisons or drugs that are used as ingredients for medicines that kill lice, Briñas said.

Need a cost effective way to get rid of mosquitoes? Try making your own Atis leaves candles or citronella candles and eliminate mosquitoes while providing a romantic, outdoor setting.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get all your Facebook Friends in Google+

The easy way to find and invite all your Facebook friends to G+ is to import all their contacts to Gmail. With this, the imported contacts will be shown under the “Find and Invite” section of the  G+ Circles page, the ones who already have Google+ will be listed first.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

See how easily you can export email addresses of your Facebook Friends

The easiest way to get all the Facebook contacts is to use Yahoo Mail. I have tried some Facebook apps but they are less likely to work for me. I find this one useful especially if I need to have a complete email contacts of all my Facebook friends in one single sheet which is not easy if I'm go on with it manually. 

Here are  the 9 simple Steps: (click the image to enlarge)

  • Go to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  • Click on Contacts tab.
  • On this page there's an option to import contacts, click on it. 

  • Now you can see options to Import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail and Others.
  • Click on Facebook and allow Facebook to access your information. 

  • Once done, it will showed the total contacts that you successfully imported from Facebook. 
  • Go back to Contacts tab and click on Tools drop down button.
  • Select Export.
  • Choose "Yahoo! CSV:" and click the "Export Now". 

    I have now all my Facebook contacts in CSV format! yey! I just have to to tweak & sort it a bit, & voila! I'm done :). 

    By the way, you can also use this CSV format to Import contacts to Gmail. These imported contacts will be show up under the “Find and Invite” section of the G+ Circles page, and the ones who already have Google+ will be listed first. :)

Google+ Sign Up Now and Get Connected!

I've been waiting for the google+ project since I've started following the  updates on google Plus button three months ago. But it seems that Google is still keeping silent about the launch date. Infact google isn't sharing invitations to its latest project with everyone. Glad I received an invitation from my boss 2 weeks ago.

On July 7, I heard the news from a fellow blogger that Google allowed again users to invite their friends to join the Google+ but it lasted only for few hours. According to Google+ engineering director Dave Besbris they "feel comfortable enough to open up invites for a brief period."

Though Google will continue to throttle invites. This is to ensure also that bugs are fixed while there are still a relatively few people in the field trial.

However, if you want a Google+ invite and can't wait on its public release, try to login using your Gmail ID from Google+ website.  If it doesn't work shoot me your Gmail account and I'll send you Invites! :)  Cheers!

Fave sites & blogs all in one place!

Fave sites & blogs all in one place!
There are many useful tools offered by Google that are absolutely free! And one of on my toplist so far is the Google Reader. I find it useful to keep up on my blog reading. It’s the fastest way to scan through and categorize your favorite Blogs so you can stay up-to-date on your favorite topics.

Get listed. Add your URL to Google

Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. If you've just own a website or blogsite, submitting your URL to Google is a good place to start. This will serves as a heads up to Google that your Site already exists. Though this method is not as dependable as listing with the Open Directory, but it can get you in.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Corporate Centre- at the Top!

One Corporate Centre

As I get older, I've learned to embrace the unknown. Ugh, ahh don't get me wrong.. Ofcourse, I also plan, I do plan. it's biblical. In fact, the Bible has a whole lot of scriptures  about planning. Like,
The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5.
 But then I realized also that not everything needs to be planned to the last minute detail! Agree? :p  I love Mystery! It's wonderful & invigorating.

So for the past few months I started writing things which I never plan at all! And guess what??1 It's fun and exciting!

It was in the middle of our lunch, when these 3 close gals of mine just have the thought of going at the roof deck of our building. Well I guess they were influenced by the movie they've watched last friday, Monte Carlo. Where the girl name meg together with this guy go together to Machu Picchu where they climbed the monument and they screamed together. I dunno but some of the Romantic movies I've watched, they're some scenes where a girl/guy go to a highest place and screamed (or maybe it is just me:p). They say, If you have burdens, it's a nice feeling to go to a high place and shout/ scream!! I also believe there's  scientific explanation on that, but can't remember it anymore! ^^

So to cut it short, right after our lunch, just 20 minutes before 1 oçlock. We left  our pantry and walk so fast toward the elevator.  Pressed 42  (the highest floor in our building), but it seems that there is nothing in there. so I press P1, But it was closed. Press P2. And there you go! It was open yet surrounded by a glassed window. We're on the highest floor! It was beautiful! but not as the view when your on the top of the mountain. I know right! hehe.. It was beautiful, had the panoramic view of Ortigas.  I even saw some of the buildings roof deck. It was fun, yet we failed to reach the roof deck. The way to it was closed :(  Anyhow, its all fun,  though we feel quite dizzy as we get off the elevator. :p

Life is much more exciting & wonderful when you throw caution to the wind amd do something ridiculous :p
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