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Mt. Timbak - Scaling the third-highest Peak in Luzon

Scaling Mount Timbak was really such a great experience! Meeting with new folks, be inspired by the locals, sharing insights and laughing over silly jokes with the Conqueror Outdoor Club it was indeed a meaningful and fun experience that I will treasure forever.

Cagbalete Island Experience - Php 1,200 Cheapest Budget Ever!

Glad our CAGBALETE ISLAND Trip was a success. Thanks to Ms. Tess of Villa Cleofas who answered all of my inquiries and to Josiah Sicad of Lakas Trip. I'm glad that I stumbled upon his blog for this made our journey possible in the cheapest way.

Calaguas Island - Beach Bum's Paradise

What I love in Calaguas Island is its shimmering grains of powder-white sand and its awesome turquoise waters. No doubt, these make me want to go back again!

Dare to Climb a Mountain?

We face a lot of challenges everyday of our lives. Some are easy to handle while some may seem too much for us to take. And as I gradually became fond of climbing lately I realized that Life is.. Life is also a mountain to climb!

From Religiosity to Relationship

I was very sincere in seeking God. But I also saw the reality that my religiosity in church did not carry over to my life at home. I got angry at my nieces and pinched them whenever they touched my things, gave my mom, my ate, a weeks/ or month of silent treatment in rebellion to their strictness, spent hours devouring novels and giving way to my imaginations. I was selfish and self-centered.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pasig Love Ko

Our mother earth needs saving. Different environmental campaign are seen in the news, radio, on print ads,  and now if you noticed some companies are even trying to cut down by sending us our monthly bills through our account online.

Recently, an anti-littering and intensified waste segregation campaign was launched in Pasig City, "Pasig Love Ko". This is to help lessen the volume of waste that will be accumulated and dumped into garbage disposal sites. It is important to segregate our waste since Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching surely the volume of waste usually increases. Glad that our Mayor, Honorable Bobby Eusebio intensified the Pasig City love ko Campaign. Where they have launched a project dubbed "Pa Zero" or "Bukod-Bukod na Basura Tungo sa Zero na Basura" this is also to help encourage us, pasigueños to segregate our waste and re-cycle re-usable materials

The project was initially launched in San Jose, Bagong Katipunan, Sta. Rosa, Sumilang, Santolan, and Kapasigan. We should immediately start learning how to segregate and recycle some of our waste not just in accordance of the "No segregation, no collection of trash" advocacy. But also, on our own little way we can do our share of helping the earth.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Talk Sense

I used to work on a printing and publishing company where conversations on just about anything abound.  We mixed show business, fashion, street tales, movies, mall wide sales, or the latest funny  stories we have heard. And the jokes and stories we laughed at were often filled with sexual innuendos.

Even after I became a Christian, I enjoyed listening and laughing to this kind of humor simply because I thought it as funny. I also had some of these jokes and stories up my sleeve, ready to be rolled down when the opportunity presented itself. I also used some expressions easily thrown about in the office, which seemed harmless to me, but were actually cuss words.
Then in one particular meeting, my Christian friend took up Ephesians 4:29, my first encounter with the passage. “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths…”  to illustrate his resolve on the matter this friend of mine shared that he refuses to join in whenever his male colleagues exchange lewd jokes and that he never laughs at any of them.

I was stunned. Here was a man who kept his mind and mouth free from indecent talk, while here I was, a woman actively contributing to the unwholesome discussions going around in our office. I was so ashamed by the revelation that I resolved never to engage in or enjoy such talks from them on.  By the ways, unwholesome talk does not only include lewd jokes, but also gossip, swearing and useless expressions.

But Ephesians 4:29 doesn’t end there. Inversely, we are also told that we should say only the things that will bless other people, such as words of comfort, encouragement, or appreciation. “… but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit whose who listen.”

The way this verse has changed me has been a wonderful, continuing journey. To this day, I try as best as I could to live out this second part of the verse (as this doesn’t come naturally to me) And God continually convicts me If my conversations don’t please Him. More so, the verse has not only changed my attitude, it has also changed people around me  -- or at least it seems so.

Talk about good sense! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Music Room KTV - Girls Night Out!

One of the most memorable night with my small group. Last September 23 we had this gathering called "Victory Group Dress Night Out".  We have this all-girls-night-out were all of  us "Must Wear Dresses".

We dine at the Won Ton, Promenade and went to the World Music Room Family KTV, which is a walking-distance from the resto.  It's one of the best Karaoke eve we had.. I can still remember we only spend less than 1,400 pesos for the food and the place and the videoke, all-in-all. Since we availed of their  promo price and had a  50%  off on our room.

Unlike most family KTV bars frequented by same-age groups, World Music Room is both a family and a corporate venue. It offers restful ambiance, and good KTV entertainment. The establishment has 20 function rooms, each one equipped with the latest audio/video technology. Be-pro sound systems, LCD and plasma TV's and comfortable seating to ensure luxurious, relaxing moments inside each room. Eleven (11) rooms on the ground floor can seat 5-12 pax each; while those on the second floor has nine (9) rooms can accommodate as much as 50-60 pax.

It was a fun-filled thursday night!

World Music Room
Store Hours:
Mon - Thurs 4pm - 2am
Fridays 4pm - 3am
Sat Sun 12pm - 3am

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easy Grounding Techniques

This grounding techniques was shared by a therapist whose happened to be my friend's cousin. According to her, its  one of the technique that they apply to their patient. This helps the patient to bring them out of a flashback. So I assumed that this technique is also good when your suddenly triggered, scared, or I must say could be a help to put someone back into their body.

The only 'rules' is to go as quickly as possible and to keep track of the countdown on your fingers. It can be done anywhere, you can talk out loud or say it in your head. You can even do to this exercise on the computer.

Counting from 5 - 1
  • I See - Name 5 things that you see
  • I Hear - Name 5 things that you hear (if a room is quiet you can also make some noises like clapping your hands)
  • I Feel - Name 5 sensations in your body (not your feelings), or touching things around you and say how they feel.
  • I See - Name 4 things that you see
  • I Hear - Name 4 things that you hear
  • I Feel - Name 4 sensations that you feel.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Larong Kalye - Bringing back the memories

I'm getting a bit bored here at home so instead of lying in bed staring at the ceiling, doing nothing, I've decided to come up with a blog about "Larong Kalye" (street games). Reminiscing the good old days, you know!

Ang mga larong kalyeng ito ay parte ng aking pagkatao. Hindi lamang pagdudumi sa katawang lupa ko ang aking napala dito, ang mga larong to ang sumubok sa aking lakas. Natuto akong magsinungaling, tumakas sa magulang, makapaglaro lang. Natutunan kong lumaban, makipagsuntukan, kaw ba naman madaya sa laro, di ka ba mapipikon?! Seriously, street games is an exercise in humility.  Sa paglalaro sa kalye ng tropa natutunan kong magpakababa, magsori, at higit sa lahat tumanggap ng pagkatalo kung kinakailangan. Without further ado, here are some of my fave!

Black 123 Ang pinaka-paborito kong laro sa lahat nuong bata pa ako ay yung "black 123" dito kasi nasusubok ang aking lakas. I'm not sure kung ito din yung  "agawang base" na tinatawag nila. Ito ay kampihang laro. Mas marami mas maganda. Ang dalawang grupo ay mamimili ng kanilang "base" o pwesto. May unang grupo ang mananakbo at magpapahabol. Ang gagawin naman ng kabilang grupo ay huhulihin sila isa-isa. Strategy game ito. Puede kang umikot, maging pain (bait) ng grupo, sumugot, etc.

Sa game na ito, hindi lang basta huhulihin, kailangan magawa din ma-ekisan sa likod ng mga taya ang kanilang kalaban sabay sabe, "black 123"!. Kinakailangan naman magpumiglas ng nahuli at iwasan magpa-ekis sa likod. So kun kinakailang manulak, mambalya, humiga, gumulong sa lupa para lang makatakas at hindi ma-ekisan ang likod ay ok lang. Pag nagawa kang maekisan sa likod ng nakahuli sayo dadalhin ka na nila sa kanilang "base". At duon magiipon ipon kayo at maghahawak ng mga kapwa mo nahuli. At tangi paraan upang kayo ay mailigtas ay nakasalalay sa mga kakampi mo na hindi pa nahuhuli. Kailangan magawa nito na makalapit sa "base" ng kalaban kung saan kayo ay inipon at kailangan nyang "ma-touch" yung kamay nung pinaka huli na nahuli. Pag "na-touch" ito, laya na kayong mga bihag! Kanya kanya ng takbuhan. hehe..  Palong-palo pag hinahabol mo yung crush mo. Nakakalito kung san mo hahawakan! Lolz. Dati nayakap ko yta ung crush ko pero walang malisya un, bata pa ko eh! hihih. Tapos naalala ko pa my classmate ako natanggalan ng butones.  Warning: Ang Black 123 ay larong siraan ng damit. hahaha. .Favorite namen tong laro nung mga classmate ko nung first year high school. Lalu na pag walang teacher, ang sarap-sarap maglaro sa oval ng rizal high. :p

TEKS: Nakakalungkot pro wala na kong nakikitang bata na naglalaro nito. Kahit kasi 5 yrs old ngayong busy2x na kaka-text :p. Anyway ang larong ito ay yung pagpapaikot ng tatlong pirasong TEKS sa ere. Yung pamato mo, pamato ng kalaban, at panabla. Pag yung pamato at panabla baligtad panalo ka! Hamig mo yung taya ng kalaban. Pro kung lahat baligtad "tabla".Titira ulit yung kalaban. Pag malakasan ang laro, dangkalan ang tayaan nun sa TEKS. Pag sa isang tira mo nanalo ka at tinatamad pa magbayad nung kalaban o kya badtrip na dahil na tatalo, sasabihin nito "SADO". Sado means pag tumira ka ulit at yung pamato mo ulit yung lumabas doble na yung ibibigay nung kalaban. Pag lumabas naman yung sa kalaban, edi "Kwits" kayo.

Pag sobrang nanalo ka na, at wala kang sando bag or kahon ng sapatos paglalagyan mo ng TEKS marami na dyang magvo-volunteer na mag "SB" sayo. Para sa mga nakalimot, "SB" -- Ayun yung tawag sa tagahawak ng TEKS  nung nanalo, pede din sya ang tumira para dun sa nanalo or dun sa boss nya or magbilang ng tex para dito, alalay kung baga. At pag natapos ang laro, or ayawan na sya yung may pinaka malaki balato dun sa nanalo. hehe. Funny thing also, old school na mga movies naka print dun sa TEKS, taz me-numbering from 00-99. hehe. Karamihan mga FPJ movies pa.

Tapos pag nanalo ka na its either babalatuhan mo kalaban mo, at magpaparanggaw ka, or kung ayaw mo talaga mamigay, magsesenyasan na kayo ng SB mo at sabay mananakbo sa huling tira. Yung mga gusto-gusto makibalato sayo susundan ka talaga kahit san ka magpunta. Kita mo na lng dami ng nakasunod sayo nambuburaot at nanghihinge ng balato. Pag napagod ka na, kakatakbo last resort mo dumeretso sa bahay nyo. Malas mo pag naabutan mo nanay mo init ulo, for sure katakot takot na sermon ang abot mo sa pagiging amoy araw mo, dagdag pa yung mga nakabuntot sayo, worst, pagnatuwa pa sayo nanay mo TAPON ang pinaghirapan mong TEKS :(. Iiyak ka na lang. Or simula sa umpisa at magpapalagong pepot. :p

Jolens - "Jokeleleng" ang usually nasasambit pag ikaw na ang titira. Tanda ko nun marami pang lupa sa lugar namen, I mean halos hindi pa sementado. Favorite spot namen yung bakuran nung masungit na matanda kapitbahay namen sa ilalim ng puno ng sampalok to be exact! Maganda kasi yung lupa, malambot, masarap maghukay. Ang gist ng laro ay dapat ma shoot mo ang jolens sa mga butas na ginawa nyo. Sosyal na golf :p Minsan halos humiga na ko pag tumitira (:p excuse me for the word, ayun talaga nmn dba?!) Ewan ko ba, pro OA ako sa pagdudumi ko sa sa sarili ko nung bata pa ko.

Tuwang tuwa ako pag meron me white na jolens or yung combination, ang ganda kasi. Pag na-olat ka barag ang jolen mo :(. 

Dampa - Magaling ako dito! Goal: Kailangan madala mo sa finish line yung goma sa pamamagitan ng iyong kamay. Ito ay nilalaro sa pamamagitan ng pagpatong o pagsaklob ng dalawang kamay at pinapalo ang semento o sahig upang makapagpalabas ng hangin na syang magpapagalaw sa goma patungo sa pinagbabasehan nyong linya.

Syempre my technique dun, kailangan walang butas sa bandang itaas nun kamay pag sinaklob mo na sya. Dapat kaya mo ding balansahin ang hangin na lumalabas sa butas ng iyong mga kamay. Dahil minsan kahit 2 or 3 goma lang ang kailangan mong palagpasin sa finish line mula sa mga pinagsama samang goma, pag lahat ng goma ay natira mo at sabay sabay na lumagpas sa finish line, talo ka! Sa kalaban mapupunta yung lahat ng goma na taya nyo! Gusto-gusto ko maglaro nito sa loob ng bahay namin, kasi pula yun semento/sahig namen sa bahay. Taz makinis pa kasi laging niflo florwaxan ni nanay, taz kame naman ang tagabunot para kumintab. Ang nagsisilbing palatandaan namen sa finish line ay yung mga fine lines/crack sa semento :p

Ten Twenty - Oh well, hindi naman sa pagmamayabang pro "hustler" ako dito. hahaha! oo ako na! Kaya nga sobra nagtataka ako pag nagta-try ako tumira nung no. one lang ah,  (yung pinakamababa), ngayon sa mga pamangkin ko na naglalaro eh hinihingal na ako. Samantalang date kahit "fast" pa yan, mula one hanga five (yun sa baywang na) tira ko pa kakampi ko "fast" pa! yakang yaka! Haiz ganon siguro talaga pag tumatanda gumaganda =))!

Pag purita ka sa goma yung single lang na goma gagamitin mo, yung iba grabe naman limahan! Sakit kaya sa balat! Maganda yung isa hanga dalawa na pagkakatale. Minsan trip nun iba, pare pareho talaga ang kulay ng goma. Ayoko ng garter sa ten twenty! Yes choosy ako nun! so kung garter, taz yayain mo ko maglaro, sige kayo na lang, hahhaha.

Pag ginaganahan ako di ko namamalayan hapon na pala. Pag walang nasundo saken nun sa kalye ibig sabihin busy si inay, may bisita sa bahay. Or hindi ako mahanap! hahahha! Pero minsann pag sinuswerte sinusundo ako ng patpat o kaya ng tsinelas! hahahah!.

Kalog Tansan - 2 thumbs up for this game! Parang din sya paglalaro ng Teks, ang kinaibahan, Tansan sya. hahahha! Bukod sa Tansan pde mo ding ibayad ang balat kendi, palara, o mga ibat ibang balot ng sigarilyo (cigarette wrapper). Bawat cigarette wrapper ay may katumbas na halaga. At ito ang aming pera nung araw. "Pera-Perahan". Ito yung mga naabutan ko presyuhan nuon. Pro minsan paiba iba, depende sa nagpauso ulit. Oo! parang palitan lang ng piso at dolyar!

  • Tansan = Singkwenta, Piso (piso na yun naabutan ko)
  • Balat Kendi (Candy Wrapper) = Dos (2 Pesos). Balat Kendi ng stork, viva, white rabbit, nako yan na lang naalala ko! hahaha!
  • Palara = 5 pesos (Pinaka mababa uri ng papel na pera dati)
  • Hope: 20 pesos
  • Marlboro: 50 pesos
  • Philip Moris: 100
  • Fortune:  500
  • More: Nakalimutan ko na. Hahaha. Basta yung mga hindi sikat or madalang na nakikitang balat ng sigarilyo mahal ang presyuhan nun.
Taguan: "Tagu-taguan maliwanag ang buwan tayo'y maglaro ng tagu-taguan. Pagbilang kong tatlo naka tago na kayo. Isa, dalawa,....... dalawa't kalahati, konting-konti :p, taaatttlo!!! hahhaha! Kinanta mo noh?! Anyway, fave namen toh, lalo na pagmaliwanag ang buwan. Dati kasi diba wala pa masyado bahay-bahay, halos puro bakante lote pa, puro dayame, an sarap maglaro! Madaya ka pag nasa likuran ka lang nun taya nagtago and while pa-pungas pungas pa lang yung "taya" magsa-save ka na! (parang engot lang :p)

Asar talo ka na man, pag yung isa kasamahan mo sumunod pa sayo dun sa pinagtataguan mo, malaki kasi tendency na kayo una mabo-"boom!". Minsan may kapitbahay kang epal or yung tipong kapwa bata din na hindi nyo naisali na ituturo ka kung saan ka nagtatago. Pro ang pinaka Badtrip sa lahat pag nasa kainitan ng laro, taz sisitsitan ka na ng ate mo o ni nanay, UWE!!! Kamot ulo ka na lng. Inggit ka na naman sa mga maiiwan na naglalaro.. :( haiz..  

Doktor Kwak-Kwak: Para lang mahirapan yung taya, pahihirapan niyo din ang sarili niyo. Hahahah! Madalas namen laruin toh sa hapon minsan inaabot kame na ng dilim. Mga 5 hanga 10 katao, pagbubuhulin-buhulin ang katawan. Basta, magbubuhul buhul kayo, i-ti-twist twist nyo mga arms and legs :p hanga sa ayon, buhul2x na kayo. hahahah! Tapos tatawagin nyo na si D-o-k-t-o-r   K-w-a-k  K-w-a-k... Bali si doktor kwak-kwak yung taya. Dapat magawa nitong makalas yung pagkakabuhol buhol ng grupo ng hindi kinakalas ang mga kamay na magkakapit. So ayun ikot-ikot lang ng braso at katawan, tipong nagkakanda ngiwi-ngiwi na. Tama! Mapipilayan ka sa larong ito.  hahaha! Pro masaya.

Syatong / Siato: Fave mo toh? Ako din:p hehe.. Kahit nabubukulan na ko sa noo, fave ko pa din! Ito ay nilalaro ng dalawang manlalaro pede din grupo. Gagamitan ito ng kahoy. Yung iba preferred yantok, iba naman kahit ano basta flat. So dalawang kahoy isang maiksi, (3 inches) at isang mahaba (4-5 inches). Nilalaro ito sa labas ng bahay yung tipong pde ka makapaghukay ng butas. Duon ipapatong yung maliit na kahoy taz yung malaki kahoy naman yung gagamitin mo pang push pataas sa ere (mas malayo mas maganda) nung maliit na kahoy. Dapat hindi masasalo nong kalaban yung maliit na kahoy.

Meron ding exhibition na tinatawag. Tipong papaluin mo ng kung ilang beses yung maliit na kahoy nung malaking kahoy... sa ERE! So dapat hindi mahuhulog sa lupa. Pag kayo yung natalo, sisigaw kayo ng ssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaatong. Ito ay mula sa hanga kung saan bumagsak yun maliit na kahoy hanga dun sa butas. Pag huminga ka, ulit ka ulit sa umpisa ng syyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaatttooong..

Patintero - Patintero should actually be the Pambansang Laro not Pinoy Henoy. (hehe, joke! luv Pinoy Henyo) Pro seriously, baka pde isama ang patintero sa Olympics ^^. Patintero is a stragety game. It involves team effort and strategy. Hindi pwedeng basta-basta na lang at bara barang susugod at tumakbo pa-home base. Kailangan mag-ingat, cause you'll never know, andyan na pala yung "patotot".

Taguang Singsing ("nakanino ang bato")
ulaan mo na kung nakanino ang bato.
Langit Lupa
tumbang preso
chinese garter

Gtg guys, will continue this post anytime this week plus my own documentary photos!

Please feel to share your stories : ) An sarap alalahin ng nakalipas :p Nostalgic mode here : (

*Disclaimer: Some photos gathered from the internet.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Self acceptance

Self Acceptance frees you to be truly sensitive to the people around you. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calaguas Island - Beach Bum's Paradise

CALAGUAS ISLAND - Vinzons, Camarines Norte Bicol. I'm sooooo.. inlove!

What I love in Calaguas Island is its shimmering grains of powder-white sand and its awesome turquoise waters. No doubt, these make me want to go back again!

It was January 2010 when a friend of mine invites me for a Vacay in their hometown in Bicol. He just visits the place once in a while so he asked my opinion for a good beach bumming place. There are a lot of beautiful resorts and beaches that showed up on google, but the indescribable beauty of Calaguas Island caught my attention. February 2010, we are four in the group who embarked on our Calaguas Island trip.

We left Manila at 3pm and it took us a 9-hour van ride to reach Guinacutan.  Guinacutan is one of the barangay in municipality of Vinzons, province of Camarines Norte. We decided to sleep over here at my friend's Aunt's house and head out to the island the next morning.

We woke up at 6'oclock, had a quick coffee and went straight to the beach.  At first, my friend's relatives, warned us not to go to Calaguas, they're worried about us since we're not familiar with the place and that something not good may happen to us.  Beside, the two hours boat ride quite unsafe for us, they thought, since all of us four are not good swimmers, plus we don't know anyone in the island.  They also said that most of the locals in the island are "mambabarang"(necromancer), "manlalason" (poisoners) and even they didn't dare to go at once. These things somehow frightened us but our conviction to see the island is much stronger that we really want to continue on our journey. And as one's quoted,
"If you don't do it, you'll never know what would have happened if you had done it"'.
It was a long explanation before we finally got the relatives’ approval ^^.  So, Vámonos! It took us 30 minutes for a trike ride from Guinacutan to Vinzons where we’re going to rent a boat going to the island. Thanks to our buddy who speaks & understands "bisaya" he was lucky to bargained the bigger fishing boat for only P2,500.00 for a 2-way ride.
 It was a smooth ride, the waters were calm even when we reached the mid-part of the ocean, the waves are also not that high. Imagine us sailing, I dunno how to swim, and we're not wearing life jackets at all.  Ayt! Were almost in the middle of ocean yet we haven't seen a land, and its almost more than an hour past! It was really, scary! More bigger waves greeted us 40 minutes before we arrived  on the mainland. Finally after the 2 hours boat ride, we’ve had the view of the mainland, thank God! We are so excited that we want to jump out of the boat. ^^ The island has  given us instant relief and peace after that scary boat ride.

Here are some of my snapshots from my old Exilim 7.2 Megapixel point & shoot cam,  not bad! :p (click to enlarge)

How to Go:

We went there via private van, but lemme share you how to get to Calaguas Island from Manila by public transport.

I saw this instructions from journeyingjames and I regret I didn't see this one before. I will surely follow this once  I get back to Calaguas.

From Manila:
> Manila - Get off at Talobatib or Labo
> From Talobatib or Labo, take the bus going to Paracale (Php 35, 1 hour ride)
> From Paracale look for the fish port and ask around the boat trip going to Brgy. Mangcawayan (Calaguas).
> Take the passenger boat to Calaguas (Php100, 2-3 hours).
You will get off at Bgry. Mangcawayan (barrio), you can then walk towards Mahabang Buhangin.

From Naga:
> Take the van going to Daet (Php 188, 2 1/2 hours)
> From Daet take the tricycle to vans/bus going to Paracale (Php 50, 1 hour)
> From Paracale look for the fish port and ask around the boat trip going to Brgy. Mangcawayan (Calaguas).
> Take the passenger boat to Calaguas (Php100, 2-3 hours).
You will get off at Bgry. Mangcawayan (barrio), you can then walk towards Mahabang Buhangin.

Schedule of passenger boat:

> Paracale - Brgy. Mangcawayan: Between 1:00-2:00pm.
> Brgy. Mangcawayan – Paracale: 7:00am or earlier.


Paracale – Bgry. Mangcawayan- Php 100
Beach Entrance- Php 100/head (per day)
Cottage- Php300
Baranggay fee: Php 20

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm Silverbell!

25 years old younger

0123rd  is drawing to a close:) Wieeeehh...

And yes! the past few years has been an amazing year full of wonderful memories and blessings. Twenty four is a year of learning and growing. I have learned to love myself as God has loved me all these years.^^

This little girl is also all grown up now. And... it's so weird to think I'm a quarter century old =( geezz....

Oh well... (smile with delight) I am just so grateful. Perhaps its because I  know that there is so much love and gratitude within and all around me. :)

I prayed for another wonderful.. pruning and learning years ahead! cheers!

And thank you Lord for this precious, very precious gift. My one life :)

Use the 'post a comment' section at the top of this post to share your thoughts. Your comments are what makes this thing fun! I LOVE to hear from you and do my best to respond to everyone! THANK YOU!
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