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Monday, January 10, 2011

From Religiosity to Relationship

Wednesday to St. Francis Church, Sundays to Pasig Cathedral, and a daily visit to a small chapel near the Pasig Cathedral after school -- somehow religiosity was in my system. I was very sincere in seeking God. But I also saw the reality that my religiosity in church did not carry over to my life at home. I got angry at my nieces and pinched them whenever they touched my things, gave my mom, my ate,  a weeks/ or month of silent treatment in rebellion to their strictness, spent hours devouring novels and giving way to my imaginations. I was selfish and self-centered.

Then I met “Christians” through a college friend.  I saw joy on their faces and in their lives. They spoke of God as someone so real to them. And their friendship was genuine. I was attracted, although wary that I might be converted to another religion. When I started attending Bible studies with them, that was year 2008, I began to understand that God was not offering religion, but a personal relationship with Him. God was inviting me to get to now Him for who He truly is, to walk with Him and follow Him daily. Things began to make sense when, in response to His invitation in Revelation 3:20, I asked Jesus to come into my life as my personal Savior and Lord.

Before long, I began to see changes in me. The Bible I used to keep for years in our bookshelf started to come alive. Woo-hoo! And God DOES speak through His Word! When I needed assurance, comfort when I was down, or guidance for making decisions, God’s Word became my anchor. I began reading it daily and memorizing passages that meant a lot to me.

His Word began to change my outlook and behavior as well. I began to understand my mom and my siblings and even appreciate their protection over me. I became patient with my nieces. I began to take genuine interest in others. I was also beginning to not only know about God, I was getting to know Him!
    Jeremiah 10:14-16 explained to me what made the difference: I was no longer worshiping the god of man’s own making; I was getting to know the God of the entire universe in a way that He wants to be known! :-)


  1. My first time visiting this blog, and here I found a lot of interesting content. thanks for sharing ..

    1. aww.. thanks! Gisela! :) More power to your blog too! :)


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