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Hi! I'm Jek!  (Short for Jenny, by the way ^^) 

I'm a sucker for cute things and good deals, and I'm always happy to share those things with my awesome readers. So, If you have a small business and/or brand that would like to advertise on The Web Wanderer I'd love to chat with you. :)

I'm also happy to talk with you about writing an honest product review and/or attending a blogger events for brands and businesses I believe in.  Check out some of the posts I've done in the past. 

Currently I'm accepting free product in exchange of posting or to be given-away as prizes for those who like/or share our page/post/ or links. As a blogger and web marketer, I ensure that relevant keywords are incorporated in the correct frequency and placement throughout my content. Not only it allow search engines to easily index and rank the content, it make it easy for users to find it based on their keyword searches.

(eg. )
If you type the keyword (Hello Kitty Kiddie Party), you would notice that my post on that particular event is on the first page.

Selecta Event
Keyword: selecta grand eyeball
Page Rank: 1st page

SM Event
Keyword: sm north snowy village
Page Rank: 1st Page

Highlands Coffee
Keyword: Highlands Coffee afrojack
Page Rank: 1st page

Erase Solution
Keyword: erase mercury drug
Page Rank: 1st page 

Mount Manalmon (travel)
Keyword: mount manalmon side trips
Page Rank: 2nd page

Cagbalete Island (travel)
Keywords: cagbalete island budget | cagbalete island experience
Page Rank: Both are in 1st page

If you are interested in any of these options (or have another idea), please email me (voncass@gmail.com). 


all the best,

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