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Mt. Timbak - Scaling the third-highest Peak in Luzon

Scaling Mount Timbak was really such a great experience! Meeting with new folks, be inspired by the locals, sharing insights and laughing over silly jokes with the Conqueror Outdoor Club it was indeed a meaningful and fun experience that I will treasure forever.

Cagbalete Island Experience - Php 1,200 Cheapest Budget Ever!

Glad our CAGBALETE ISLAND Trip was a success. Thanks to Ms. Tess of Villa Cleofas who answered all of my inquiries and to Josiah Sicad of Lakas Trip. I'm glad that I stumbled upon his blog for this made our journey possible in the cheapest way.

Calaguas Island - Beach Bum's Paradise

What I love in Calaguas Island is its shimmering grains of powder-white sand and its awesome turquoise waters. No doubt, these make me want to go back again!

Dare to Climb a Mountain?

We face a lot of challenges everyday of our lives. Some are easy to handle while some may seem too much for us to take. And as I gradually became fond of climbing lately I realized that Life is.. Life is also a mountain to climb!

From Religiosity to Relationship

I was very sincere in seeking God. But I also saw the reality that my religiosity in church did not carry over to my life at home. I got angry at my nieces and pinched them whenever they touched my things, gave my mom, my ate, a weeks/ or month of silent treatment in rebellion to their strictness, spent hours devouring novels and giving way to my imaginations. I was selfish and self-centered.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easy Grounding Techniques

This grounding techniques was shared by a therapist whose happened to be my friend's cousin. According to her, its  one of the technique that they apply to their patient. This helps the patient to bring them out of a flashback. So I assumed that this technique is also good when your suddenly triggered, scared, or I must say could be a help to put someone back into their body.

The only 'rules' is to go as quickly as possible and to keep track of the countdown on your fingers. It can be done anywhere, you can talk out loud or say it in your head. You can even do to this exercise on the computer.

Counting from 5 - 1
  • I See - Name 5 things that you see
  • I Hear - Name 5 things that you hear (if a room is quiet you can also make some noises like clapping your hands)
  • I Feel - Name 5 sensations in your body (not your feelings), or touching things around you and say how they feel.
  • I See - Name 4 things that you see
  • I Hear - Name 4 things that you hear
  • I Feel - Name 4 sensations that you feel.
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