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Monday, October 03, 2011

Dare to Climb a Mountain?

We face a lot of challenges everyday of our lives. Some are easy to handle while some may seem too much for us to take. And as I gradually became fond of climbing lately I realized that Life is.. Life is also a mountain to climb!

We all have different mountains or problems in our lives and like you, there a season in my life that I felt like giving up. But good thing that through this defining moment of mine somewhere, something, somebody sustains me to have  this strong leg, and move on even though its difficult. It's tiring? Yes it is! Especially if its a mountain that you can't move alone by yourself.  Where I would need not just a mountain-moving faith but also mountain-climbing faith.

Mt. Timbak, Atok Benguet
 Mountain-moving faith is when you ask God for miracles to happen so you will be saved from whatever circumstance you may having at the moment. It is great kind of faith since you are giving your full trust to the one and only God. You are not relying on your own strength but on God.

Mountain-climbing faith is when you ask God for maturity. It is when you ask God to do something for you and THROUGH you. You can say a mountain-climbing faith supersedes the mountain-moving faith. When you keep telling that mountain to move but it does not move, then perhaps God wants us to CLIMB that mountain. He has a different plan for us that is why He wants us to climb the mountain.

It is not an easy thing to climb a mountain–literally and figuratively. It entails hard work, pain, and patience. It is however, during the climbing process that we could understand the lesson that God wants us to learn in order to develop our character so that we could be worthy of His provisions for us.  Literally when you're at the top of the mountain the view was really stunning!  Having  it in a more profound way it is on the top of the mountain that we could get to know and understand the real God we are worshiping. You can rest assure that when you get to the top of the mountain, you can meet God’s provisions in your life.

Whatever mountain you'll climbing right now remember that our faith in God will always lead us through. Do not demand from God but instead, know your place before Him. He is the ever powerful God and more than anyone else, He knows what need to be fix. Just trust. just keep the faith no matter what. As I get older I realized that my God is more concerned about changing me than changing my circumstances. :)
A Person Tired & Fed up of Life asked GOD: Why So Many Mountains & Hills to Climb in Life?
this quote make sense to me now.. :)


  1. siguro masarap ang pakiramdam kapag narating na ang tuktok ng pakay na akyatin..

  2. Tama! Thanks for dropping by sir. Astig ng mga tula nyo sir! : ) IMBA! :)

  3. wow. thank you for inspirational post :)

    What mountain is that picture? :)

    Climbing mountains with God is definitely easier with him around!

  4. Amen. very inspiring. hope I could climb a mountain as high as that without having asthma attacks.

  5. I've never been in a high-altitude place, but would love to climb any mountain after I've overcome this mound of problem I'm facing right now.

  6. Wow, the view looks amazing! Lalo na siguro sa personal! :D

  7. Its a great feeling to be on top, more so, if it was through our own hard work to make our way up.

  8. Hi Ms. Jenny, this post is very reflective and if there's a like button right on the picture, I would have already clicked it.
    I have lots of friends who are also into mountain climbing (literal climbing) and they keep on inviting me to join them but I never have a courage to say yes because of the time constraints.
    Wish I could join them once I get home.

    1. yeah, you should try. I tell you, the experience is soO rewarding! *wink

  9. I'm sure you got that natural high once you're on top. ^_^

  10. I would not climb a mountain but I do understand about mountain-climbing faith. Your reflection is right on spot.

  11. This experience is an adventure to the max!
    Congratulations on your accomplished mission
    even if it seemed so impossible.

  12. Reaching the peak, literally or otherwise, never makes you feel alone. Always, there's a divine presence that seems to accompany you. I guess God always makes himself felt in many surprising ways.



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