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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DO-IT-YOURSELF Cagbalete Island Trip - 2011

In a loud, noisy, overstimulating world, it can be nice to unplug & escape. Agree? Agreed! I actually been preparing for this trip for almost 2 weeks now and finally this is it! Woo-hoo! Because of the preparation, I’m starting to feel a LOT more ready and not quite so terrified. Me and my friend will be embarking the mystical island of Cagbalete this saturday. Sorry for the pre-blog, its just a teaser though. Ako na ang excited! Seriously, I dreamt about the island twice. Perhaps its because I've been thinking of this island for the past few days? and hanggang sa pagtulog mu ba naman katext mo pa din yung resort owner for some inquiries. Well, I just wanna make sure that everything will fall into place when we get there, that means preparing everything we need.

Please keep an eye on it, I'm really excited to share with you guys my wonderful experience in Cagbalete! yes! I'm claiming it! This would be a wonderful experience ahead!!! woot!
Remember, 'like attracts like' :) .

BTW, how about you? What's your plan this weekend? Give yourself a little bit of freedom this week to enjoy. To have a break, to rest from all....... of your hard work for just a little while. Whether it’s a spa, a climb, or a walk through the park! Treat yourself. :)

But I don't have that much money? 
 I'm gonna share you a secret. would you believe that the damage for this 2D1N Cagbalete Trip is 1200 only? Yehess! Stand by, and I'm gonna post our itinerary soon!:p (dear, you can travel without spending too much, its just a matter of creativeness and  googling!) cheers!

I am the breadwinner. I need to settle this bill. I need to pay my sister's tuition fee, and all that...
shhhhhhh... Listen. When you travel, it doesn't mean that your being selfish.  

But I prefer to give priority to my wants, am I not getting closer to that?
Sweetie, sometimes Travel is not just a want but a "need". Travel is essential to the spirit. Its ok to give yourself a break sometimes from all of the things that you work so hard. This will give you a fresh new prespective on things. Let yourself enjoy the fun times going on around you. You deserve it : )

 UPDATES: Holla! I'm back, live and kicking!!

Ciao Cagbalete

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