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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Doesn't Always Go as Planned

How many of you guys believe that not everything needs to be planned to the last minute detail? That sometimes things could still definitely be cool even without planning. And here goes our recent Halloween Celeb...

Normally, my sister do her birthday celebration exactly on the date of her big day - November 1. A-huh, November 1. This time she chose to celebrate it yesterday, October 31st.

My mom, busy preparing our food.

My mom's spaghetti : ) (So far all people who has tasted it, never gave bad comment instead always wanted to take some home) Buffalo wings, and Calderata. Yum!

In the middle of some Tanduay ice, the neighborhood kids show up at our house wearing their choir dresses.

They put some make up and so my nieces joined them.. Funny thing, my sis-in-law borrowed some costume from the neighborhood.. hehe and so she bring it upstairs, and we just did another hillarious, fiendous shot in our compound... And thats it! We're all have a great time!

Happy Halloween ~ :D

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