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Sunday, September 25, 2011

You don't have to be extraordinary to create a change :)

Change Starts With U!
I was actually feel so honored and blessed to be part of the success of the biggest and 100th Event of "U!", "U! Can RESTORE medical/dental mission and nourishment program". The event was held last Saturday at Delpan Sports Complex Tondo, Manila.
"U! Happy Events" have been creating various, fun, impact-filled events to bring out better opportunities to kids and their families, to their communities and even to their partners. It was founded by Harvard Uy de Baron.

I believed there are 35 doctors, 31 sponsors, more than 150 kids, 155 parents, 16 leaders, 14 dentists, 12 nurses, and more than 115 Volunteers have participated in the event.

We really had a great time! You know the feeling of being physically tired? Yet, you still feel good?Yes! the experience is sooo.. rewarding :) And.. when you see those lil' kids of Ulingan Tondo get excited about the learning, and those priceless smile when we started giving away hotdogs it really worth of the time and effort.  Plus the people that we met, they're are smart and interesting. This experience demonstrate very clearly to me that we don’t have to be in any particular job or circumstance to be extraordinary and make a difference. Also it doesn't need to take hundreds of hours or lots of money. All it takes is just a little time and effort. : )
Kids are approaching...  and 200 more hotdogs are still need to cook. Kaya namen toh! :D

Ate Eden Gatpandan of URC (Universal Robina Corp.)  started giving away big boy hotdogs. yey!

Delpan Sports Complex was almost filled with the participants.


I'm really thankful that I said 'yes' with my friend for this program. It was an awesome experience! I was actually feeling down the past few weeks it seems that things are not exactly going my way. Yung feeling na ang dami mong gustong gawin, ang dami mong gustong bilihin pro wala! Parang walang nangyayare. I really felt I was swimming against the current! :(  Can't help it but feel envious. And then this event made me realize that I have so much in life to contend with :) It just seeing things from a different perspective.. ^^
When you choose to be cheerful & thankful then life takes on a different look. Life takes on a different feel.
Ikaw din, kung ikaw man ay isa sa mga bata na nagmumukmok simply because you're mom can't afford to buy you a cellphone, isipin mo na lang na maraming bata na kasing edad mo na naglalakad ng ilang kilometrong bundok makapasok lang sa eskwelahan. Or kung isa ka naman sa mga nagsisimyento na hindi makapunta sa isang magandang beach resort, isipin mo na lang na ang iba nga sa aten ay isang beses na lamang kumain sa isang araw at ang iba naman, sa kawalan ng makakain ay itinutulog na lamang nila ang nadaramang paghapdi ng tiyan. Sounds cliche? But it's really true. And you are blessed! We are are still blessed!

Ulingan (Charcoal Factory) & Smoky Mountain  >>
Here are some of the generous sponsors who took part in the "U CAN RESTORE medical/dental mission and nourishment program".
Boxes of medicines and vitamins

Robina Farms Big Boy Hotdog

It's a fun-filled Saturday. Indeed, Volunteering rocks! And to end this not so long post ^^ I want to encourage you to pick something which is important to you  and see what you can do to help. Can you offer time, money, your voice or influence? I tell you, so many people would really, really, really appreciate your help & attention. : )


  1. It's such a great feeling that somehow in your own little way, you contributed and took part for a change. ^^

  2. tomoh! nakakapagod.. but its all worth it :). thanks for dropping by..


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