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Monday, September 12, 2011

TOP 5 Miss Universe 2011

From Top 10, now down to Top 5

  1. Costa Rica
  2. France
  3. Australia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Portugal
  6. Panama
  7. Philippines
  8. Angola
  9. China
  10. Brazil

    Go! Philippines!
    TOP 5 Miss Universe 2011
    1. Angola
    2. Brazil
    3. Philippines
    4. China
    5. Ukraine

    The question to Ms. Philipines goes something like this:  "What if the person you love belongs to a different religious belief Will you change your religion for someone whom you love?"!
    And her answer goes something like this:

    My first love is God, so I will not sacrifice. I love God more than anyone else. And "If the man I am going to marry loves me, He should love my God too..  : ) Bravo!!! Panalo!!

    Asteeg ng gown!! Hotness!

    As of this moment dami na naglalabasan critics about her answer. Hello?! Ang hirap kaya ng tanong sa kanya!  Talking about religion, it's more complicated eh to figure out what we know and what we don't know.

    Though I still love her answer. Good thing hindi sya kinabahan. To think my time limit. And I'm proud of her.

    Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?"

    It depends. It depends how this man will convince me. Lolz. OR pde din, it doesn't matter I'm not religious anyway. Seriously, religion-is-religion. As I get older, I realized what really matter is having a personal relationship with God. If luckily I can discern that God really works in his life, then why not? I mean kung dati drug addict sya and nagbago then why not embrace his religion. Same with the guy if he think that this woman can be God's living testimony, I also believe that he is also willing to do the same. Embrace whatever religious this woman has. Argh! Religion! Next question na lang pls! Hirap.

    However, if ever I get into a new relationship, I'll make sure that we both share same belief. Ayoko ng mag-risk para lang maging complicated ang mga bagay-bagay sa huli, It happens to me once, at ayoko ng maulit un. ^^

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