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Friday, September 09, 2011

I'm glad they found Me!

I'm really thankful and blessed being part of our small group. When I'm just starting to attend
a small group way back 2008 believe me, I'm too lazy. I actually find it as an obligation that I need to attend. I feel lazy that often times I rather go home and sleep than meet them.

But suddenly things began to change. Indeed, our Lord works in unexpected ways. I just found myself so excited to know God's word,  the feeling of having time to encourage and fellowship with one another somewhat excites me. I tried to leave in the office as early as possible so that I'll meet them on time, later on, I even choose to exchange some of my personal activity. Indeed, God uses these people/ or one another to shape, and transform me or us that lead us to become more hunger to know Him.

And so I come up with this post. I want to express my gratitude to my small group. From a group of five that grows larger, now we're 17! and counting.

I met different ladies whom help me with my walk with God. These ladies are the very essence of strength combined with femininity. They are a women who enjoys being a woman, and is well aware of the power that comes with it. These ladies are the backbone of their family, in good times and bad. She who teaches her niece and nephew the values of love, compassion, courage, strength, spirituality, joy, and even sorrow.

I must say that the beauty of this group is the one that shines from within them; it's a glow that all the best makeup in the world, most artfully applied, can never begin to duplicate – much less surpass.
They thought me of accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. I am overwhelm to be part of this group. :)

Snapshots during our fellowship.

Sige tawa! kahit pinagsasarahan na ng Gloria Jean's. haha
at Seattle's

Amichi in Atrium.

Won Ton Restaurant @ Promenade Greenhills

starbucks? or kfc.^^

at TOSH :)

Eat Well :) Veranda, Rob Galle

MAX imize Us God :)

won tons of love :p

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