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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My first ever Nail Art experience

I'm not big into nail art, but a lot of my friends have been trying it, so I figured why not. That’s how, on Tuesday evening, I experienced my first ever Nail Art at Elite Nails Spa at Capri, Oasis in Pasig. This is the 4th branch of Elite Nails Spa where the owner happens to be a good friend of my sister. I'm just so happy for them because they certainly came a fair way since their humble beginnings in 2010.

When I was called up to the nail technician’s chair, I was overwhelmed by choice & slightly fumble by the fact that I really could get anything on my nails. I asked the nail technician suggestion on what designs would best fit on my small nails :p And guess what?! she too can't decide. Well, I can't blame her,  it's really challenging to choose a design that won't over power my nails. So then I settled for the simplest design of all:  flowers with light green strokes :)

My nail technician was gentle with my nails and cuticles.  After a very basic manicure (filing my nails & pushing back the cuticles), she began with the nail art thing. I can't help to feel that I made her life complicated while she's painting my tiny nails. ^^  She do a good good

She applied the first coat, a gold base polish by BK Beauty and then a soft green polish for the tip. And then she painted dots of white polish on my nails and she trace the middle of it to create the petal look.

It was time to add the leaves print. She grabbed another polish and some skinny brushes, then got to work painting up a light green & yellow colour on my nails.

We finished up with a layer of fine, maroon iridescent glitter in the middle of the white polish and a drop of cuticle oil on each nail for my polish to dry faster. Of course, I was delighted. Who wouldn’t be?! This is my first time at Elite Nails - Capri Oasis and it definitely will not be my last. :)

BTW, this is the set of nail polish used for my nail art. ^^ Ate Lyn, my nail technician is a bit shy but she do a good job - how I marvel at her artistic skills!

Elite Nails have many different colors and brands of nail polish to choose from such as O.P.I, china glaze, Orly, Misa, L.A. Colors, Wet n wild, and more! Their nail art price ranges from Php140-450, depending on the designs.

You should check out their page now because they have an ongoing promo that you should not miss!  >> Elite Nails - Up to 50% Off<<


  1. Not to mention the foot soak looks awesome. Are those rose petals?

    Btw, I have a chic items giveaway. Hope you'd enter. =)

  2. hi tin, thanks for taking time to comment. Yep those are real petals that's for my lightening spa treat! will share with you guys the experience in my next post. :)

    BTW, nice giveaway you have :)

  3. Wow! At hindi kita nakita during my visit ha! :)

    1. eh pano umuwi ka yta agad, hehe..
      thanks els, appreciates your comment :)
      congrats pla! galing2x! :)

  4. Lovely! Haven't tried nail art only those easy fix.. hmmmn stickers.. hehehe

    BTW try to contact JJ Backpackers its near Lorna's place in Siquijor, they've got dorm room.

    1. Hello maám thank you for getting back to me, appreciates it! :)


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