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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Eve with a Twist

We had a simple New Year's Eve Celebration at home. We did not play too much loud music inside
our house for my sis-in-law who's also residing in the compound cranked up their amplifiers to an ear-deafening level.
Crescent Moon
crescent moon

Living another year in good health and having family and friends around me for love and support is really something to be thankful and grateful for and makes my new year's eve special! What's new? I help my mom in the kitchen and for a change I prepared my own sweets - Pandan Gelatin Graham! Yum! We prepared different dish at this time. If we're used to  kaldereta, menudo, pancit canton, bbq for the media noche glad that my bro-in-law cook something new for this evening. He servedup, cordon bleu, sisig, tbone, while mom instead of pancit canton prepared creamy fettuccine carbonara.  Trying something new takes effort. You often feel uneasy about it but once it turns out well, it's rewarding!

11:50 Fireworks and loud music filled the air. We enjoy watching different fireworks on heaven at their best! The undaunted crescent moon brings me a sense of calmness and appreciation of all my blessings of the past year.

It seems that most of us don't like to get dressed up though we make sure everyone's wearing red when new year comes. I dunno why but my family is used to it. Or maybe since RED is popular felt the color of blood and fire and it represents life and vitality and it supposed to bring the wearer good luck? I just don't know.

We used to burst firecrackers on this day but now we do a 'lil fireworks and we just light up a lantern instead. We make a wish as we watched the lantern float away, letting it go to the sky  as our brand new year unfolds. Cheers!

Happy New Year Peeps! Have a great one!


  1. Aside from the feast of Pinoy food, I also miss the simple ways of welcoming the new year with my family. We also crank up the music and make all sorts of funny noises like banging of pots and pans :)

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by Ms. Claire! You know it really feels good when a fave blogger of yours takes time to comment on your blog.. :)

    Have a blessed new year to you and your family..


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