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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to incorporate "Add to circles" widget to your Blogspot

Here's an easy way to create "Add to circles" widget in your Blogspot or blogger account.

  1. Go to Google Plus widget. >> Here
  2. Click the Get Widget Button.
  3.  Customize the look of your widget using the tabs.

  4. Enter your Google Plus ID in the Basic settings tab.
  5. To get your Google+, go to the profile page of your Google Plus account and copy the code from your browser address bar as shown below.
  6. You can customize the widget width, font style and language on Basic Settings; Change the background, border, line color on Main area settings. You can also change the title text and even customize the button. 

  7. Once you are satisfied with the result, simply hit the Get Code button at the top. Copy the code and then go to Blogger > Design > Add a Gadget.

  8. Select a HTML/JavaScript Gadget. Choose where you want to place it.

  9. Paste your code inside it and save. And you're done! :)

Here's mine:

(click on the the image to get a better view)


  1. Oh my, I need to remember this! Looks cool though.

  2. I have g+ but I'm not using it yet ... tamad pa e. Hehe

  3. Oh no.. I just remember that I have a g+ but haven't even explored or use it yet,.. Hopefully soon! ;-)

  4. I have a google plus account and I do not prefer this anymore. I'm happy with the G+ button already

  5. wait..I think I need this one...I need to work out on my G+ circle.

  6. hehehe thanks sa sharing, na-apply ko rin to!

  7. Nice! I just made my G+ add widget.

  8. thanks for the tip.. I have been trying to find out how to do this one.. thanks

  9. I have G+ too but I'm still tamad to explore it.. maybe I'll try to run through it tonight. :)


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