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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bus falls off Sucat Skyway - driver dead

A Dimple Star Transit Bus, route Lawton to Alabang accidentally banged into a concrete post of the Skyway near West Service road in Sucat causing the bus to fall down from the South Luzon Expressway Skyway this morning. The driver was declared dead this afternoon. While six others were injured.

Some of the passengers have been rushed to ParaƱaque Medical Hospital.According to the bus conductor's account, who were reportedly sustained minor injuries, they were driving at 70kph when suddenly a wind blew hard causing their vehicle to lose control and to fall 40 feet from the Skyway ramp.

In an earlier interview, Ed Nepomuceno, spokesperson of the Skyway Corp., said they are still trying to investigate what caused the bus to steer out of control. Nepomuceno quoted that it is possible that slippery road caused by the strong rain made the bus turn to the side and fall off the elevated highway though they are also looking into possibilities that the bus was going over the speed limit for buses, which is 80 kilometers per hour (kph).

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