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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get listed. Add your URL to Google

Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. If you've just own a website or blogsite, submitting your URL to Google is a good place to start. This will serves as a heads up to Google that your Site already exists. Though this method is not as dependable as listing with the Open Directory, but it can get you in.

Please also note that if you're already linked from another web directory, Live and Yahoo's robots will eventually find you when they update their search index. However if you don't want to wait to get spidered, you can submit directly to Live & Yahoo by going here:

Bing/Live direct submission site: http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx
Yahoo's direct submission site: https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit

 Before submitting your URL to some Open Directory sites like DMOZ make sure that you have sufficient & relevant content. These would help you to easily get listed. Do not keep re-submitting your site. It will not speed up the process of getting listed and may even get you banned.

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