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Monday, July 25, 2011

These little things are Huge! ^^

Just as our bodies grow as we get older so do our feelings. Some things, situations makes us a tougher one and some even longs for power and achievement that we've missed the feeling of those little things that put joy on our face. I've listed down some small lil' things that leave me a happy feeling, maybe for some these are somewhat shallow, but in my world ,these little things are huge. :)

  1. Morning dew on my mom plants. (in metro, this are somewhat rare)
  2. Hearing the rain on my roof at night. (somehow creepy yet romantic ^^)
  3. Reading old letters, greeting cards. (reading those cheesy, mushy things all over again)
  4. Licking dirty ice cream.
  5. Finding coins on my father's pocket. ^^
  6. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands. (SUPERB!)
  7. My dog who play and cuddles with me. Rubbing his tummy while he lays on his back. But what i luv most is when this poor dog gets irritated and started barking at me. =))
  8. Entering a fresh clean room (coz i often clean my room, mom does!)
  9. New clothes personally pick by mom from a Tiangge.
  10. Teasing my adorable little niece & nephew. When they scream and cry, it makes me feel proud. lolz. Yep! bad guy here! :p
  11. A good cup of hot choco latte when it rains hard.
  12. Seeing a rainbow :)
  13. Feel the yule tide breeze
  14. seeing a butterfly...
  15. Reuniting with old friends and realizing some things never change.
  16. dancing 'hotdog song' with my little nephew ^^
  17. seeing a lil' kid wanders, and asks an innocent question

How about you, what makes YOU smile? In the midst of our busy lives, it's good to pause, breath and reflect -  realize those so called lil' joy of life. CHEERS!

post-script: photo was taken at our slumber party.

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