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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Classic Sansó: Revisiting Earlier and Best-known themes

In the past decade, internationally renowned artist Juvenal Sansó introduced a new series of works called his Moderno series which were inspired by memories of his travels. Moderno explored intense and highly colorful creative interpretations of particula views and sceneries he had found memorable and which were indelibly etched into his subconscious. Moderno had several critically acclaimed shows both in the Philippines and Singapore. This year, with his forthcoming show Classic Sansó, the artist revisits some his earlier and best known themes. These themes are his landscapes and seascapes as well as his floral paintings.
(Acrylic on canvas)
Fortuitous Wonder (Acrylic on canvas)
An Overflowing Cup (Acrylic on Paper)

Sansó has always found water alluring and admits being captivated by its energy, beauty and mystery. He is enthralled by water whether it be for its vibrant tides and motion or for it sotthing, calming and tranquil attributes.

Quaint and Picturesque (Acrylic on Canvas)

Likewise flowers have been another stellar inspiration that has continuously challenged, inspired and motivated the artist. With these works Sansó succeds in bring his viewers to a world of strong feelings and emotions.

A renowned painter, Juvenal Sansó is one of the best-know members of the Philippine Modernist movement. Having graduated from the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philipines, he has his contemporaries, National artists Jose Joya, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, and Napoleon Abueva (His batchmate in UP).

Juvenal Sansó
 His teachers were National Artists Fernando Amorsolo and Guillermo Tolentino. A foremost master, Sansó has had a long and stelalr career capped by a number of awards and recognition including a King's Cross of Isabella knighthood from the King of Spain, membership into the Order of Chevalier from the French Government, and a Presdient Medal of Merit from the Republic of the Philippines. His works are represented in the collections of some 40 museums in the world including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institute, the Museum d' Arte Moderne in Paris, the Rosenwald National Gallery of Washington, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. His collectors include the Rothschild Family, Nelson Rockefeller, Vincent Price, Elsa Schiaperelli, Jean Cocteau and many prominent, American, European and prominent Filipino families.

With rare artworks culled from the artist's studio on canvas and on paper, Classic Sansó is a much anticipated revisit of the artist's favorite themes. It shows Sansó at his very best, full of life, full of engery and full of passsion for his art.

Classic Sansó opens to the public at the Podium

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