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Monday, February 20, 2012

MV Logos Hope - The World's Largest Floating Bookstore is back here in Manila!

Calling all book lovers! MV Logos Hope, the worlds largest floating bookstore is back here in Manila! I'm fond of reading at night before going to sleep. At times, I look for books on sale cause I love it when I find a good read for a couple of bucks!

So when I heard the news that this Floating library docks in Manila port, I get excited, and I feel the need to spread the word. Cause I believe it is really worth a visit. I mean, I'm not a bookworm, but the moment I heard about this floating bookstore, two years ago, I've been really wanting to see it!   I wonder how it feels like to be inside that huge floating library with different kinds of books to choose from. Yes, I really wanted to see it with my own eyes.
MV Logos Hope

MV Logos is said to come here every year, and sad cause I always missed their Manila visit. But this time, I'll make sure that I'm gonna be here this March. Who's with me? ^_^ I wanna take advantage of the big sale, which runs until March 13 only.

The biggest floating library ship was constructed in 1973, MV Logos Hope (first named Gustav Vasa) was originally built as a passenger car ferry sailing the North Atlantic routes. It is owned by Christian charity organization GBA Ships, and I was really surprised when I found out that it is run by a volunteer crew. Yes, you heard it right. The crew and staff are all non-salaried volunteers – including many serving in their professional capacity, such as seafarers, engineers, electricians, nurses, teachers and cook. Amazing, isn't it?!

The ship has a library onboard with over 5,000 titles, covering a wide range of topics. They're been sailing from port to port since 2009 in its mission of “bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world. And they come here every year to provide Filipino students an opportunity to buy quality books at cheaper prices.
See the world’s largest floating book fair and buy quality books at affordable prices.
(Inside of the MV Logos Hope floating bookstore.)

Entrance Fee:
- Adults: Php20 Only.
- Children 12 years and below: FREE

MV Logos Hope is open everyday except Monday, until March 13, 2012 only in Manila.
- Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
- Sunday: 1 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

- Pier 15 in the Port Area, Manila.

*Photos courtesy of Philippine Inquirer & ABS-CBN News.


  1. I've recently heard about this! Will go there in March for my birthday. :) By any chance, do you have any idea how much books would cost? :p

  2. Hi Claudette I can't give you the exact figure as of the moment since I was just about to drop by there nextweek. I'll keep you posted dear! *wink
    Though based on some review the ship is selling books for a dirt cheap price. 50-70% off or more than on the regular price I guess. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply! Wow! 50-70% off? That is such a huge discount! I'm "hoarding" na! Haha! Enjoy your Floating Bookstore experience ;)

  4. why the hell didn't i learn about this?? grrr.. sayang.. :( books will always be my 1st love..

  5. Sayang girl.. I believe they're now at Subic :) *wink


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