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Friday, August 26, 2011

Give Up the Good for the Best

What does it take to obey something that seems so unthinkable, and so unacceptable?

In full hands
Several times I have needed to give up something good for something better. Like learning to say "NO" with friends to do productive work at home. Getting up earlier in the morning so I could still have time for breakfast and had bonding with mom, and lastly, even ending up a relationship to meet a better one.. :)

I believe that for each one of us, God has a unique way of catching our attention. On my end, it was when I had a painful break up with my ex-boyfriend. Where I need to end that long term relationship completely. And in the middle of that heartbreaking experience, God opened my eyes to Isaiah 26:3 that "In order for me to have peace, all I need to do is to focus my mind on God. When I focus my mind on the Lord, then along with that focus comes trust in Him and in His power."  I also realized that He allowed me a painful trial to give me a better and healthier perspective of Him. He made me feel brokenness that I may witness His overflowing grace. :)

And so, 3 years ago I gave my wounded heart back to Him, still trusting and relying on His wisdom. Then He led me to a perfect peace in the midst of my personal storm and assured me of His wisdom for prayers yet too be answered. I felt His embrace in the midst of my disappointment. He filled my mind with hope and my heart with joy. Then I began to recognize God’s blessings around me, and, by faith, appreciated the work He was doing in my life. Best of all, I realized that nothing could surpass the blessing of being in the palm of God’s hand – the only place one can find perfect peace.

It was then that I understood what overwhelming grief and sorrow felt like. In the end, there was no one I could expect to stay with me. Yet, I was reminded that Someone was always with me. God, my Father, was with me. :)  I remember crying out to Him.  And then in Psalm 34:18, the Lord gave His wonderful reassurance:
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. 
That night, barriers between us melted and I felt His loving presence. That night, despite all my past inconsistencies. He gave His comfort and assurance. And I fell asleep in the loving arms of my heavenly Father. And I am m believing that on His time I will received that love story I will be proud of. A love story that would cause others to grow in faith, hope and love in Him. A love story I did not manipulate but God alone created. :)

Have a blessed looooooooooong... weekend everyone! cheers!

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