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Monday, August 08, 2011

Near-Death Experience at Pico de Loro

I want to share with you what happened to me a couple of weeks ago in Pico de Loro. Aside from bruises and scratches I brought home I had this remarkable, dramatic experience that turns out to be unintentionally funny at all! =) 
August 6, Sunday, when we decided to descent early as it had rained the whole night and the path going to the summit is already wet and muddy. Going to the beak was quite impossible as it was zero visibility at all. Though a bit disappointing, yet I just convinced myself that going to the falls will compensate everything.

So as we reached the falls, everyone got all excited to dip their tired bodies! We went all around the falls while a friend whom decided not to swim take pictures from afar. I soaked my entire body in the fresh cold water just to loosen up my joints. It feels so rejuvenating! I was enjoying the free massage from the huge amount of water cascading down the falls until I didn't realized  I was already at the deep part!
Too late to reach for help because the other officemate of mine who also don't know how to swim is already at my back with all her weight and she's kinda pulling me down. The next thing we know we're both drowning.  It has become impossible for me to reach some rocks to cling to since someone is pulling me and so both of us keep on going down.

It was happening so fast, I started to panic but no sound came out. I tried to clear my mind and thought of how I could save myself, but I didn't know how to swim so I feel a bit helpless. The moment that I can't no longer see them and the thought of no one's even dare to help us was totally scary!

Now I know how it feels like kinda be drowned. Ganun pala. As I was sinking I wondered if this was going to be my fate. I was thinking of my family, I even imagine how my wake should be. I felt so scared. I did not want to die that way! So that very moment, I gathered every ounce of courage and tried to calm down. Then, my boss reached out with an oar and I grabbed it and managed to push myself up. Thank God! I've gone into a deep state of self contemplation after, then I went back swimming. Meanwhile, we both started laughing and went to everyone talking about it.

Maybe misadventures but these misadventures make me more confident and stronger for I know what to do the next time it occurs! Awesome experience! 

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