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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Email Celebrates 29th Birthday!

Email Celebrates 29th Birthday!
Electronic Mail, commonly called e-mail/email celebrates its 29th Birthday on August 30, 2011. Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the Inventor of the World's First E-Mail System said EMAIL has so far defied "experts" who had been writing it off since 2000.

Is E-mail dead?

Email is one of the fundamental of the Internet Age and because of the boom of social sites, where chatting, IMing, and blogging is everywhere, these tend to carry connotations that E-mail will be dead soon. I think for some people, chatting, IMing and blogging are another way of communicating in their daily business adult lives BUT e-mail is still there, and it’s not going away. And although it's clear to see that teens are favoring other channels over email, but someday, those teens will become adults, get jobs, find out that email is a pretty practical tools in business, un-sexy as it may be. :p

Why social sites will never replace email?    
(disclaimer: My view. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, though :p)

Funny thing!
Email is for those who are actually using the internet for useful things and not to spy on who went where and who broke up with who or even stalk with your crush.

Security Reasons
Sending private message through Gmail, Yahoo! and other webmail accounts are completely more secure than a place where you can accidentally post something to someone’s wall. Also, believe it or not businesses will not be sending private messages on Facebook to get things done. Even my former boss who is an ultimate fan of Facebook never try it. Facebook messages and events are ideal for sending out charity fundraiser information, office party time and location, or non-work activities, and it's really a "no-no" sending confidentiality agreement or contracts on  facebook.

Emails can be sent in bulk
You can’t share files through social network messages and even traditional email can’t handle certain sizes that you may need to send for feedback, editing or collaboration.

While in Electronic Email, message can be sent in bulk and even to multiple recipients.

More Organize
E-mail will allow you to sort, filter, label and categorize your files so you’ll never lose what you need.  Also, you can send automated emails with a certain text. In such a way it is possible to tell the sender that you are on a vacay. A.k.a auto responders.

Plus, if you use certain mail services, you can track when your mail has been received and read.

For Privacy Reason
Perhaps I’m a bit old school, but I appreciate more seeing an email (in my personal account) or text message from my significant other. For me its more private, more sincere. Also, posting your boyfriend or girlfriend anniversary gift can be cute, yes, hands up on this, BUT, a ten sentence wall posts or status updates like outlining your dinner date from start to finish are entirely unnecessary including how much fun you had or money you spent. You might not want to put this out for everyone to see. Make it special! Better yet, try writing a handwritten note to top it off!

Well, that's it for now. Long life to e-mail! Happy Birthday! : )

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