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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Mysterious Stranger

I wish I had the boldness to say you're cute.
I looked at your fb account 3 times a day
Just to check how's everything on yah..
Just to check your new post.. 
But please don't get mad at me for being such a stalker at heart... 

I just love it to visit your account.. 
You're post that reflects how smart and interesting you are.
Though you can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?!
Yet, I could still see YOU cute & cool! ^^
OhMyGawd!! am I nuts?!

I met this guy  back in blank.
In somewhere close to the most high.
This man is so talented! So deep ...
He is a reserved man that could have such profound insight. 

I want to know Him more..
I wonder if He feel the same way though? :(
Argh! I don't have the courage to ask,
or SHOULD i??

I love when his eyes smile as he smiles
His sexy body that Got me like, whoa!
but most of all
there is an aura of mystery about him
that I love most! ♥

Originally composed for Him by Me :p

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