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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Google+ Facebook/ Twitter/ or Blog Killer?

My first glimpse with Google+ it somewhat gave me an idea that it would be the Facebook Killer. Why it 'wouldn't be? It has almost the same features with Facebook like the status updates, photo-sharing, wall posts,with partial and full privacy controls but Google+ "circles" made the difference. Because of Google+ circle feature you can get real time updates about the people whom you are following which resembles the twitter feature. The benefits I outlined such as the openness and real-time aspect give me a thought that this new project of Google is closer to a Twitter Competitor.

With that, I assumed that Google+ is not a social network, it's a sharing network, though It might be early to tell, but what I have thought that Google+ exists to help us share and discover -- plain and simple.  There may be some areas where twitter should be concerned, but overall, I don’t think its significant enough of a threat.

On Twitter it takes me only moments to scan the tweet to see if it interests me and skip over it if not. On G+ there is a LOT of scrolling and many words to read. For that reason I will stop following them. If I’m going to see a lot of text, it needs to have a high readability ratio for me. Google plus doesn’t allow for that.

Facebook on the other hand should be scared. ^^

The fantastic part of G+ is that it might force the competitors to up their game and innovate, as opposed to resting on their tech-laurels in perpetuity….and that’s good for everyone.

To me, one of the best things about Google+ is that it gives me a fresh start. I had been able to categorize my connections from day one into groups based on what I wanted to share with them, I've been careful to categorize each person as they come through so that I can be more precise with my sharing. 

So there you go, can't post so much review here yet. Will just do a couple of test by next couple of days I guess and will just keep you posted. Gtg!

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