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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rizal High School: Struck with a feeling of nostalgia

The highlight of my weekend was attending the "Selecta Cornetto Tugs Tugs Grand Eyeball V: The White Party" at the Mega trade Hall 1 of SM Megamall as one of the blogger chosen to cover the event and on Sunday morning, bicycling from our house to Rizal High School Oval to go for a jog.  It has been ages since the last time I visited my Alma Mater. It was fantastic: I rode from our place along litter-free streets with few people on vehicles and up to my former school which is a few kilometers away from our home. It was quite a liberating experience I had for months!
Rizal High School (Main), Caniogan, Pasig City
I hold up for a second and stop my bike apart from the big gate of Rizal High School--it was nostalgic arriving there. I had some flashback of old memories - pagtambay sa bench mode, seeing the old flag pole, I remembered the moment I once recited the National Anthem in front of thousands students of RHS as a sanction for being a hardheaded student. Yes, I was! ^^ At syempre, naalala ko yung ultimate crush ko! lolz. Yung feeling na  dika-magkamayaw pag malapit sya sayo. Yung feeling na natulala ka pag nakikita mo sya naglalakad lang, at yung feeling na malaman mo yung bestfriend  mo yung crush nya at hindi ikaw. hahhaha. Those were the days!
RHS Oval Field
Oval Track
Yeah, almost forgot that I was here for a jog. :p I did 6 laps on the oval - combination of run and walk. After that, I'll took the time to take some photos around my former school - some part that, for once, been memorable to me. :)

Naalala nyo pa ba to?
1. Rizal High School oval is open every morning for those who wants to go for a run/jog. It's free!
2. Is it safe to leave bikes/ motorcycles around there? I guess so. But then its better to secure your bike with a lock. *wink

PS: To my Alma Mater, I just want you to know that I am proud to be an alumnus of yours :)

Batch S.Y. 1998-2002

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