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Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm 26 and I just tried ice skating for the very first time ever!

Yesterday, I went ice skating with my friend. Actually, I'll never thought that we will be out for a skate so when we arrived at SM MOA and laid his plan about the ice skating thing, I was kinda tensed and nervous but then, the feeling of excitement was getting stronger in me. Beside, ice skating was always on my bucket list, it's just that I had no one to skate with and the moment when some of my friends show their interest, guess what?! The ice skating rink that once was in SM Megamall had gone closed!

A mix feeling of nervousness and excitement, I walked carefully towards the skate rink. And my friend steered me carefully through the skate handle. I never thought that it was that slippy! I couldn't even stand without my hands on the wall/ bar. I was so afraid because I really don't know how to do it! Yes, I can ride a mountain bike but ice skating is a whole different thing! If only I knew how to roller blades maybe it would be a lot easier for me, but I never got a chance to try roller blades, not even once.

So for an hour I guess I was just holding the wall all throughout while walking around the edge of the rink.  Hahaha!  I can't also count how many times I hit the floor, but it was ok -- my guide is persistent and so do I in learning. He told me that I should not be afraid to fall, coz it's normal, in fact even people who are really good at skating still fall at times! So it is not embarrassing at all! He was so patient to teach me. He told me that If I feel like I'm going to fall, I should have bend my knees, relax, never panic, for this way, I would regain my balance. Yeah, he guide me all through out, yet, got a pair of bruises on my knees. :D But I accept them ^^ they are a trophy for me.

My friend taught me the basic like the V-shaped standing, He also said that I should have glide my feet, not step. At first I can't let go of the handle bars at all, later, when I gained my balance and get familiar with the ice I started to glide my left foot while I'll set my right foot on whichever direction I want. An hour and so, with those 'lil march, small glide, plus a friend whose guiding me, I found myself in the middle of the rink! Amazing eh! :p

Even though I fell a lot of times, I will never hesitate to get up and try it again cause I know, that this, will get the better of me. :)
Lesson learned:  Do not be afraid to fall! It happens to every one. cheers!
BTW, here are some of my tips:
  • When you go ice skating, prepared a jacket and a couple pairs of socks. Preferably, you should not wear shorts or anything that exposes the skin on your legs because if you fall, you may have to literally peel your skin off the ice just like what had happened to me.  (Well, on my case I was surprised! I had no idea that were going to be there after all!)
  • Know your shoe size, and make sure your boots are reasonably comfortable and your laces are tied up.
  • If you feel that you are falling backwards, bend your knees or try to touch your toes and hold the position for a few seconds until you regain your balance (this really works for me!) 
  • When you fall,fall to your side so that you don't get hurt that much.
that's it for me, happy ice-skating folks :D

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