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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inside Dell: Now number one Healthcare Service IT provider

It's been 6 years since I finished College. Right after graduation, I grabbed the first job opportunity that came my way. Out of so many job interviews and job hunts I had, I landed in a small publishing company with a position of a Layout Artist.  Although I’m happy with my job and my colleagues, I have to leave after a year and found myself trying my luck in a call center industry. The pay was promising in my second job but my health suffered due to late night working. I have to leave it all behind because my body cant cope up with the grave yard shift. God has been kind, He immediately provided my next source of living – a BPO company and a subsidiary of one of the top resellers of electronic products in the US.

I believed I’ve found a job that gives me the best of both worlds – a high-paying salary and a career growth that nurtures my system with new knowledge and experience I never imagine I will ever have. I’ve enjoyed my 3 years of working in a BPO company until a sudden misunderstanding with a former superior have to take it all to end.  Now, I’m at peace with my current job and company.

Speaking of a BPO company again, last Wednesday, May 16, I was invited in a small event in Dell’s head office in Eastwood, Libis. Dell opened its  door for the first time to non-job-seekers and provided us information about them as a company and their business’ program. I knew about the company since college and having friends taking up IT courses then, Dell is a company I would often hear from them that they dream to work for after graduation. It is also one of the most preferred brands for notebook PC, one of the most expensive too. :)
Richard Teo,  President, Dell Philippines
Learning that they also tapped the healthcare business is quite a new information to me. Good thing that Mr. Richard Teo, Dell’s Philippines President, introduced us to their business and even walked us through their office. The company is situated in one of the modern and high-rised buildings inside the Eastwood business Center. Their HQ houses its 1,600 employees equipped with single-use computers, high-speed internet and modern facilities providing customer and technical services to their clients in different part of the globe.
Care Consumer, Serving UK & Irelend
The tour made me missed my old office although their office is a lot bigger and more complete. The operations’ floor is impressive and very professional-looking.  Despite a few people touring the area, the employees are not disturbed because every cube has tall divisions, which also gives me an impression that everyone is minding their own business.  I actually like to achieve the same thing because I feel more productive if I have a little privacy in my work space. The fully-air conditioned and carpeted space speaks of complete comfort for employees currently on the floor.

The major turn-on for me about this company, is the employment opportunity they give to physically-challenged individuals because I personally saw one.  The employee greeted us  with a big smile in his face and even shared to us his awesome experience at Dell.

I also met a married couple who also shared their gratefulness to their employer that gave them opportunity to learn new things and grow together. That was sweet indeed. :)

After a few more chit chat with some of their employees, Mr. Teo ushered us to areas outside the business premises.  We went to their pantry area, I guess three times the size in my previous company. The pantry area is well-ventilated and there are quite a few canteen concessionaires.
Dell's Pantry
Not far from the pantry is a space like an internet-café where employees taking their breaks can have the chance to check on their personal emails, social media sites, online games or plainly just do internet browsing.
Café (Sorry for the shaky shot)
The company also cares for their employees’ health and wellness thus providing a gym with complete exercise and fitness equipment. These add-ons are not very much accommodated in other BPOs, I’m glad that they had these considerations for their employees.
We do take care of our employees and treat them as family. ~ Richard Teo, President Dell Philippines
 With the rise of demand for BPO workers, the challenge for BPO companies remain to be a competitive pursuit from factors of which provides the higher salary and which has wider scope of benefits for employees and more unique offers.  As an employee, it is important that we know our worth and that the company must recognize our worth too. It is only then we can feel fulfillment in our career.   :)

To know more about Dell - their people, products and services watch this video:


  1. That's very interesting to see/read about how Dell is taking care of their employees. A different standard from what I remembered. I'm guessing the days of half constructed rooms and production floor is done.

  2. So many perks in there to keep employees happy and content.

  3. wow.. free weights sa gym nila.

    kaso bat parang walang gumagamit?

  4. it's good to hear that they have been good with their employees. a good company that cares can create a very good environment for satisfaction.

  5. Inspiring and motivating. Wish I could work here...

  6. It is interesting to know that a good company like Dell gives such importance to its employees. A conducive environment makes a lot difference in any type of business where one not only work to earn but also enjoys all the benefits that the company provides. Good job, Dell!

    1. exactly! thanks for dropping by :)


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