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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Why I love outdoors more than clubbing

Weeks ago, we went to Republiq Superclub in Resorts world Manila courtesy of a free pass and table we've got from Highlands Coffe. This is actually the first time I tried partying in a classy club like Republiq as DJ Afrojack grooved the night away. I admired how the club looks like. Its classy and chic, bigger and well ventilated. Saw a lot of foreigners and celebs partying too!
DJ Afrojack as he plays one of his famous remix - tonight Give me everything tonight
I'm such a noob - I never realized that the club imposed dress code. So me straight from work wearing a cargo pants and polo shirt while girls are wearing their sexiest best! while most men are in ties - I was like.. ok awkward ^^.  Republiq is really a place for partying with lots of beautiful people to meet - you could never go wrong with that.
When DJ Afrojack plays, everyone gets down in celebration of the music.
As for me, I like the place for my dancing moods, though I'd still prefer the outdoor mode of adventuring. We'll there are actually reasons why I'm not just into clubbing. First, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke that lurks in my hair and clothes really irks me. I like loud music but not too loud where you can't even hear each other talk. The flashing lights, the glow sticks, the neon headbands -- I admin, these often makes me feel dizzy. And lastly, I particularly don't like sweaty bodies rubbing up against me in a crowded dance floor.

Anyway, this is just me.  I have nothing against clubbing,  its just that I preferred other stuff.
Like embracing the air and winds at the top of mountain, the roaring sounds of the waves makes me feel relaxed :), killing the time, staring at the night sky with the glowing stars are incomparable. I guess, I just love to be outdoors - it gives me compulsion to explore, to wonder what is possible. Yeah, people do have different perspective. :)

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