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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kwebang Lampas 2012 - No longer a property of Lukang Family

Kwebang Lampas is always on my bucket list. That's why I'm so happy when it comes down to reality. Still remember the first time I saw it was on Lakwatsera's blog and since then, I promised myself that I would also go here! I guess, if you just really want it so bad, you’ll do everything you can to make it happen. And it will eventually happen. ayt!
Kwebang Lampas aka Lukang Beach, Pagbilao Grande Island
So, one Saturday morning of February, together with my three colleagues I embarked on my second trip to Quezon, to see the well-known Kwebang Lampas.

11:30PM Friday, when we arrived at Kamuning Jac Liner Station. We depart from the terminal at exactly 12AM . Less than 3 hours of travel with no stop-over, we finally reached Lucena Grand Terminal. I was quite worried when I soon found out that Jeepneys and Mini Bus bound to Brgy. Polo will start to arrive at 6AM. Therefore, its either we choose another route or wait for hours until the mini bus or the jeepneys arrived.

SoO glad that people in Lucena are naturally helpful. Some of the locals suggested that we could take the ordinary bus bound to Legaspi which will leave by 3AM. According to them it will also pass to Pagbilao Town Proper which from their we could walk or ride a trike to Pagbilao Market. So then we opted to ride a bus bound to Lucena, signboard: Guinayangan Caluag-Legaspi, Fare is 12php.

I asked the bus conductor to drop us at Pagbilao Town Proper. (Your landmark would be the Municipal Hall of Pagbilao which is right beside the waiting shed.) It took us only 20 minutes to get there. From the waiting shed there are already some tricycles that could drive you to the Jeepney terminal bound to brgy. Polo which is quite near the Pagbilao market.
Since its still dark outside we agreed to ride a tricycle. Luckily there are 2 tricycles lining from the waiting shed. Less than 5 minutes, we reached the Pagbilao Jeepney terminal only to find out it's still closed and will be open at 6AM. Aside from the two roving tanod we are the only people around. I feel a bit anxious, so I asked manong driver to stay for us for a while while were figuring out what to do. According to him, the Market starts to open around 4AM as some vendors may start to arrive. Hence, if we do not wish to wait for the first jeepney trip we could hire a trike for 350php. As we really wish to catch the sunrise on the beach we opted for the next option. Manong driver has been really nice to us. He even bring us back to the waiting shed where he called a tricycle for us to take us to brgy. Polo. From 350 we haggled it down to 300php.

3:30AM, Street lights were gone and there was dense darkness on the road to Brgy Polo. In the middle of that almost an hour-trike ride, I was then reminded of the verse on Psalm 118:6.  :)
Trike-headlights on dim
 (The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?)
Soon we reached the boundary of Brgy. Polo.  I was riding at the back of the tricycle and one of the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the sky is. The night was clear and the sky was filled with more stars than I could have ever imagined! At that very moment, I felt a sense of peace :)

We passed on four small and big bridges until we finally seen the Pagbilao Power Plant at the left side (the landmark of Kwebang Lampas). Manong driver dropped us off near the main gate of Pagbilao Power Plant.

(Click the image to get a better view)
Dito kami binaba ni Kuya mismo. That was him, waiting for us, whereas talking with the guards of Powerplant.
Its around 4:20AM and quite dark outside so we decided to have our breakfast first at the nearest eatery that is already open that time while we also wait for the dawn.
Me while making chicka to ate Leah, owner of this humble eatery. 
Ate Leah is very accommodating and friendly. She even instruct us an alternative route for a cheaper fare if ever we decide to go back  :D

5:20AM, we were off for a trek. Some tricycle drivers offered 100-150php to drive us to the parking lot, (near the green lake) which is the jump off point to Kwebang Lampas/ Lukang Beach. But since we're on a tight budget, we refused. Bwahaha!. Well, I guess the best way  to enjoy the scenery is on foot. :p  Lots of local stores are within the area too but none of them are open yet except for Ate Leah.

Vamanos! Face the police detachment at the corner near the plant gate then follow the road to your left.
Don't be confused! Lokang Beach is just same as with "Lukang Beach" ^^
It was a real good decision to go for trek.
Starting from concrete, the road will become asphalt, then broken asphalt, then gravel road. About 970m from the police detachment there will be a junction where you should turn right. >>

Turn right.
Then, follow the road for another 935m, which passes through acres of prairie and tall grass.  Walk alongside the wooden fence, 'til you pass a concrete boundary wall on the right.

Keep on following a trail until you reach the residential area.  This is where you have to pay for a parking fee, ONLY if you ride to get here. But since we took a walk, we just paid for our entrance fee which is Php100 for an overnight stay plus P20 for a two-way boat ride.

(Note: Kwebang Lampas NOW allowed overnight guests! ~as of Feb 25, 2012).

This is what the Parking area looks like. (click to enlarge)
I was a bit surprised when I realized that Aling Divina is no longer the caretaker of the resort. It is said that there was this long-standing dispute over land ownership between the Lukang Family and the former Vice Governor Ed Rodrigo. Possibly the reason why it is Aling Gemma and kuya Lando who greeted us.

After paying fees we took a 3-minute boat ride crossing a small lake to get to the other side from where we will start a short trek to Lukang Beach.
Green Blue Lake. Yeah, one of my fave shot.
Walk on a paved cement and traverse this rocky shoreline.

Aww! how I love Sunrise!!
 Turn left at the grassy area then take a short walk along a forest trail to the beach. No worries, there's numerous signs along the way. 
The trail goes through lush forest
Follow the signs to stay on the trail
Past 6 o'clock when we reached Lukang Beach aka Puting Buhangin/ Kwebang Lampas. "It was beautiful!" Kwebang Lampas is a place to relax... Albeit the sand is not as fine as the one in Calaguas, yet the waters were crystal clear. I really enjoy swimming! It is so calm - no waves, I'm not a good swimmer so its really great for me! :) 

The Opening of the Cave
Lukang Beach

I was expecting that there would be a lot of visitors in the afternoon, but only a few came. Cristine Jacob and her family are one of those .:)
yeah, I should have use the zoom.. :p

Look what we've got! Orange & purple starfish!
Note: We put the starfish right away back to the sea after taking photo.

Me, standing across the opening of the Cave

Overall, it was an awesome trip. I love the pristine beach, the warm water inside the cave, the locals which are very helpful to us, but then, its more than the alluring beauty Pagbilao, for me, it was another journey of faith and trust.☼
Lesson learned - have Faith. Trust. Be kind, yet be wise, also.
  • Aling Gemma & Kuya Lando are the new caretaker of the resort. You may contact them at 0947-5911630
  • There are restroom in the island.
  • Cottages are completely open, not good to stay overnight. It would be better if you bring your own tent.
  • No source of fresh water in the island.
  • Budget: 1,000-1,200php

>> How to go to Kwebang Lampas?
>> Inside the Cave?


  1. So awesome visitors can camp there now! I just hope the caretakers would be able to keep the place clean :)

  2. ah okies, so confirmed na tlaga. d na xa sa Lukang Family. at pede na mag camp. thanks for this! :)

  3. hello ma'am PinayTravelJunkie & ma'a,thePinaySoloBackpacker, I'm a huge fan of yours! thanks for dropping by :D

  4. Oh Wow!! Worth it ang inyong mahaba-habang lakbay. Ang ganda ng beach, as in hidden gem! And kung sa lucena lang toh, pwede na siguro mag PNR instead na mag Bus noh? =)

  5. not sure lang po kung dadaan din po yung tren sa Lucena Grand Terminal mismo. Basta po any bus bound to bicol, lam ko po dadaan LGT :) thanks!

  6. Wow, this is what you call adventure!! But obviously, all the wait was worth it. Place looks really beautiful and yes, peaceful. This reminds me of my parents homeland :)

  7. Ganda ng place!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. off beaten path!
    wow! masaya kaya yung ganito trekk early in the morning! :)
    well worth the effort kasi!

  9. Nice blog!
    Ask ko sana kung ano daw yung cheaper route / option..


  10. Hi Jen, according to ate leah, from manila we could ride a bus bound to bicol and get down at "Crossing ng Binaan" from Crossing ng Binaan there are jeepneys called "SIBAT", signboard: Ibabang Polo or Brgy. Polo, Fare: 45php. From there you could walk all the way to Puting Buhangin.

    I'm gonna try this route next time :)

  11. Good Job Jeky!! :D Marcy unknown kc na published hehe

  12. Inggit much si Juliesse. How I wish I was able to go with you. :(

  13. Hello Marcy & Juliesse, hehe.. thanks for dropping by :x :)

    chasing Philippines: thanks for dropping by ma'am, its was an honor :)

  14. Good Afternoon
    Ask ko alng po for the ff:

    1. paano pumunta sa Pagbilao, Quezon [Kwebang Lampas and puting Buhangin] Galing pong Manila, the cheapest and Easiest way to get there.

    2. pde po bang maghike sa bundok jan? yung nasa picture?

    3. Any recommendations and Suggestions po Regarding sa place in pagbilao quezon, Dayhike lang po kami

    4. can i have some itenerary po. if you have.

    Thanks po and God Bless.

    1. Hi tong, kindly send me your email addy. thanks.

  15. hi there...plan to go there with my husband this month. can u pls send me details and best way to there. thanks. pls email me at nueve25@gmail.com

    1. Hi Gigi, san po ba sila manggagaling? thanks!

  16. hello po. pde n po b mgtent dun meron po b mrent n tent if we decided to go on overnyt stay???

  17. hi, wala pong tent na marerentahan dun sa resort. Unlike sa Cagbalete (Villa Cleofas) http://thewebwanderer.blogspot.com/2011/11/cagbalete-island-experience-1180.html. Magdadala po talaga sila ng tent sa kwebang lampas. tnx.

  18. hi ? JEK tanung ko lng; magkano ung buong budget balikan ???? email mo po ko eidderfpeterjunne@yahoo.cpm salamat po

  19. i can't believe i was born there but never had a chance to see the beauty of this place

  20. thanks sa info nyo!

  21. Hi. WOnderful and very informative blog entry..

    ask ko lang po..

    HOW did you Get BACK?? will the boatman from the lake wait for you??

    From the drop off point, pagbilao power plant, marami ba jeep na dumadaan pabalik?

    hope to hear from you.. im planning this week..hehe

    1. wala po masyado jeep. As far as i know, may oras po ang byahe nila po dun.

      So pagbalik po kung babalik sila ulit dun sa registration area,
      5-8minutes walk cguro > registration area (parking area) > small boat pagtawid dun sa maliit na lake > then lakad ulit sa drop off point, pagbilao power plant.

      hope it helps! goodluck!

  22. 2 of my friends and i are going there for an overnight beach camping on saturday 04/27/2013. see you when i see you.

    1. me and my wife are going there also but i think we will arrive late in the afternoon , we have some itinerary in the morning,, see u there ,,

  23. hi po! nice adventure...panu po pumunta dun from laguna lang po ako pero d pa ako nakakarating dun...eto po email adress ko
    thanks in advance!

  24. hello, I'm a very close friend of Lukang family. sa pagkaka-alam ko, it has always been their property, though true na may umaangking iba.. but good news... please read this http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/590400/ex-quezon-governor-stopped-from-taking-over-disputed-property :) I guess you'll see Aling Divina again..

    1. Nice, Thanks for the info! Will update my post soon. :)

  25. hello po, ask ko lang po kung may marerecommend po kayo na itenerary, at kung saan po pwede bumili ng food, bago magpunta ng kuwebang lampas..kasi po pupunta kami sa linggo doon. at parehas po tayo ng time 11:30 din po yung ETA namin sa sakayan ng jac liner. thankyou po

  26. hello po, ask ko lang po sana kung nag ooffer po sila ng cooking wares for rent sa resort para sa mga magcacamping. balak kasi namin ng mga friends ko magcamp jan. i hope na may magreply. thank you.


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