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Monday, November 02, 2009

What to do on Halloween?

Go trick or treating…

We used to do it at SM Megamall. Best to go there at 10am so that there will be less people and you'll got first dibs on the candies. Walked from store to store and floor to floor. Most of the clothing store always had a good display and their staff dressed up in scary costumes. Best part? kids in costume will get sweet treats! woo-hoo!

Little Robin.. my nephew.
For the Kids, it's not the amount of sweets they get, but the fun of putting on costumes and going from one store to another and racing other kids for the treats. hehe..

secondly, Take intentionally ugly photos! Hideous pics are the best! Roll your eyes, make faces, do your best to look fiendish. It is Halloween after all! :D

Meet my brother's daughter, Ericka

G-an, my sister's eldest daughter.
Nenet - my youngest niece, g-an little sister :)
My cousin - the conspirator. hehe
Accomplice - Me! their craziest tita ever!

Our House - an old & literally creepy house..
Pictures taken under a full moon of all saints day... that's the creepy part I guess. :p

Halloween is fun! /wahaha

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