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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spending Valentine's Day with Strangers?

Spending Valentine's Day with strangersWhether you're single or in a relationship on Valentines, it is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate love. Love is so much more than romance and celebrating Valentine's Day is not all about spending time with special someone - boyfriend, hubby, family, you can share Valentine's Day with strangers with just a little effort and time. :0

These strangers we all have a date with are the one whom we see on the street, the homeless one - the underprivileged ones. February 14, we roamed the streets of Mandaluyong and start the distribution of old clothes and  goods we received from our kind-hearted sponsors. ^^

As we start distributing the food, people gather in an instant. Somebody from our group asked them to form a line and we start giving away the old clothes and goods that we have for them. One by one people received their packed good and before they finally leave the line, they would always express their gratitude to us. Their sad smile somehow put off our fatigue.

It always feels good that even in my own little ways, I'm able to lend a hand and make other people happy. It’s fulfilling and rewarding. :)

Valentine's day - Time for universal gladness of heart ~ jmi

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