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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Rainforest Park Pasig: Let's Go For a WALK

At times, waiting can be emotionally challenging. So one Saturday, instead of waiting for my SO (significant other) to text me, I decided to pull my nieces out and go for a walk...

We headed into the park near us to have some picnic! Rainforest Park in Pasig is a 15-minutes trike ride from our house. We bring our bottled water, bought some chips and candies and our picnic mat! In time like this, I just love to go somewhere and focus on the beauty that surrounds me..  It's my means of escape when I feel sad..

Rainforest Park
Rainforest park has no entrance fee though fees are applied on rides and some attractions. Like the train ride, zipline, boating lagoon, butterfly house, maze garden, and zoo pavilion. We entered to the park at 3PM and took some pictures before we go to the Kiddie Land to look for  the best spot where we could lay our picnic mat.

It's always refreshing to see greenery amidst the urban setting.

Just sitting here in the lagoon makes me feel quite refreshed. The area has a very relaxing and peaceful aura.

And oh I just love seeing train tracks!  It reminds me of how fast life can be.

Vibrant color of the playground gives me a happy feeling! It also makes me feel pretty nostalgic for a lot of reasons.

It's been ages since the last time I go for a swing!

Lastly, their smiles and laughter make lifted my spirits. I think just being around them, around trees,  plants and fresh air helped me lift my spirits and brought me joy.

I came back home feeling energized and happy. :)

If you’re feeling irritated, bored, frustrated, or any combination of the three, just grab your handbag and head outside. Go and see something different. It will remind you that life doesn’t suck… And then, when you get back, get stuck into tackling whatever your problems are.

Have a lovely weekend,

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