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Friday, December 16, 2011

Diversity is Lovely!

I was a bit of an ugly duckling before.  I've had a hard time complimenting myself way back in highschool. I struggled with my unhealthy skin, struggled with my height, I look very thin, you see I kinda have a lot of so-called frustrations! lolz.

When I was in college though some guy had compliment me on my looks, I still choose not to believe them or maybe I just dunno how to react. I tend to focus too much on my flaws. I have this thoughts of “if only I were prettier, if only I was good at sports, often I  had the feeling that I am the odd one. (drama!) hehe.. As I get older, I've learned to embrace what I have, little by little. I've learned that how will people receive me when I approach them depends on how I represent  myself. If I have confidence, they will, too.

Going to different places and meeting new folks played a big part of my transformation. It inspire me so much and remind me that diversity is lovely! I simply have to believe that we're all different and deal with diverse circumstances. Surprisingly, I tend to get fascinated by the differences of different person, different cultures, different beliefs--and this helps me to accept, appreciate myself more. Also, the more I get to know God the more I feel more secure. He even spoke to me that I am not odd, I am special. :) For He even shed His own blood on that cross so that I may have redemption [ephesians 1:7]. How liberating!

We need our differences. Diversity is important to us as individuals. And as we communicate more and communicate better we will realize that diversity should not be a division but a strenght. We have to learn to like ourselves. We should. Coz' if not, no one else will either. Now, who cares if people will tell me I am too thin, I love my body, and confident of it. I’ll never look like either of my friends, and they’ll never look like me! But it's certainly ok with me. Either way, I don't also have too look like those sporty girls and meet a certain number of weight just to be strong and fit. For attracting men -- its all a matter of confidence. And "fitness",  its about being the best you can be. cheers!
Out of the swamp. grounded in love :)

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