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Friday, July 06, 2012

Scrap your heart out!

Hellooooooo!  Happy Sunday to all! Its been  while :) So what have I been up to? Well, in a nutshell been attending several blogger events. *thankful* And yesterday was one of those fun-filled events I have ever attended. (Thanks to All About Scrapbooking and Jeman of Orange magazine for the exclusive invites).

I never thought scrapbooking would be SO MUCH FUN and EXCITING! Well, I know that it is a fun hobby but for me, it also requires a lot of time and effort to create a quality one that is why it never became "my thing".

Hence, yesterday is different. Wow! I never thought I could (almost ^^) finish this entire scrapbook. Complicated much! Whew! (Thanks to my buddy, scrapbooking is fun with him *blush*).
It should look like the pic above ^^
I guess the secret is, it should be heartfelt. Just like blogging, you'll just have to enjoy what your doing :). Don't feel intimidated by others stunning layouts and design, just focus on your artwork and scrap your heart out! And remember, there is no such thing as "wrong move" in scrapbook. You'll just have to enjoy. :)

Here's some basic scrapbooking techniques I've learned from the event:

1. Cropping/ or trimming of unnecessary elements so that they look better or the photo only focuses on the most important part of the scene.

Can you guess how many images has been cropped? :D

2. Matting refers to putting a border around the photo, similar to a picture frame. This is usually done with paper, or matting materials. You can also use different types of scissors to cut your mats to make more designs.
Hallmark Mini Photo Frames
We've used two different designs of matte paper here. You can buy this mini photo frames at any Hallmark store.

3. Journaling. For me, journaling and scrapbooking works hand in hand. Write something down behind those pictures because without the stories, scrapbooking becomes, to me, just a cut-and-paste paper-art hobby.

If having some problem in writing stories, just remember the 5Ws. This stands for Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Once you've figured out the 5Ws and H, begin to write brief sentences around each element. This techniques helps you break down your story into parts and ensures you don't miss the important details.

So that's it! I hope you've learn something :p  Indeed, "Scrapbooking is 'A Work Of Heart". Now, I somehow understand my 'scrapper friend' who's really a fan of this. Memories are so precious to us all and Scrapbooking is more than a way to secure family memories and photos -- it's an Art of preserving treasures. It is so much fun and you are creating something of value for future generation. :)


  1. tapos ka na po?
    pwede po ba kitang ifollow dito? pano?
    san ka po nag-eedit ng photos? hehehe

    1. hello nix! Sureness, my pleasure! :) Kindly join my GFC (Google friend connect) located below of this site *wink

      Sa photos, I used photoshop gurl. Minsan yun apps na nasa phone ko, Pic Collage or InstaCollage. Aun :)

      Thanks for the visit. ^^

  2. It was really fun doing this activity. I've been stressed somehow following patterns and instructions though ^^ but in the end, once you see the outcome, it was all worth it. And the activity became so much special because I did it with a partner, my buddy and loved one :)


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